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On Juice Again


Yup, i've decided to join the dark side once more.
It's been 5 years plus or so since i juiced the last time. I've decided to cut, now that i have bulked since i returned to training some months ago and got more fat on me, wohoo :slight_smile:

Anyway, enough talk, here's the question: Should i go with 12 or 20 weeks of 250/500 mg test E?

My plan was to go for 20 weeks of 500 mg test E and then some MCT starting week 4 or 5
(250IU HCG E5D) and hopefully lose alot of fat and gain some muscles.

What do you guys say to that, too much, little, too long? Hit me :slight_smile:


aha how old are you?
a 20 week cycle is a looong run if you arent a TRT/blastcruise type and your "cutting?" with test enanthate....



P.S: Let us posted about those muscles you might gain, like maybe the quintceps or rhombecious.


I'm 28, yes i'm cutting on Enanthate, love the drug, less "needlework" :slightly_smiling: and i don't care about the water it will go away anyway when i'm done.


Throw some tren in their for good measure


and with proper use of an AI the water gained should be controlled just fine like using shorter ester like Prop