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On HRT, Low Libido, Low Energy

I have been on Testo for over a year. started with my urologist after being dx with low T (76). My urologist had me on Testo 200mg every week. My Testosterone got as high as 1385 and I still felt like CRAP. He REFUSED to prescribed me with any E2 blocker and only did Testosterone lab work. So I finally fired him after a year and after finding this website I decided to join LowTestosterone.com. They did initial lab work and schedule me with a Dr.appt. Dr. Asher in Orange County.

Since meeting with him, he prescribed the following: 1) HCG 250IU M,F 2) Testo 150mg Wed 3) Anastrazole 0.5mg Wed. After 6 weeks my Testo went down to 955 and my E2 went down from 44.2, to 18. All which seem to be good numbers. Dr. Asher emailed me and he wants me to continue on the same dosages. The PROBLEM is that I feel even more fatigue, I sleep 10-12 hrs and feel like I havent slept at all. Occasional headaches. No energy, very little libido. No morning wood.

I have a hot GF and yet my erections when I do get them are flacid and weak. Unable to perform. It appears that although my lab results look fine, I still feel like SH^T! I havent responded to the Dr. yet, I wanted to get some feedback. So any feedback will help.
( Just wanted to add that LowTestosterone.com has been nothing less than Excellent. Everything they promised has been delivered. Labwork, supplies, customer service etc…) Here are my labwork before LowT.com and after 6 weeks of treatment.



TLipid Panel
Cholesterol, Total 180 mg/dL 100 â?? 199 01
Triglycerides 100 mg/dL 0 â?? 149 01
HDL Cholesterol 32 Low mg/dL >39 01
Comment 01
According to ATPâ??III Guidelines, HDLâ??C >59 mg/dL is considered a
negative risk factor for CHD.
VLDL Cholesterol Cal 20 mg/dL 5 â?? 40
LDL Cholesterol Calc 128 High mg/dL 0 â?? 99
Testosterone,Free and Total
Testosterone, Serum 1385 High ng/dL 348 â?? 1197 01
Free Testosterone(Direct) >50.0 High pg/mL 6.8 â?? 21.5 02
Estradiol 45.2 High pg/mL 7.6 â?? 42.6 01
Roche ECLIA methodology
Prostateâ??Specific Ag, Serum
Prostate Specific Ag, Serum 1.3 ng/mLHESE

WBC 7.5 x10E3/uL 3.4 â?? 10.8 01
RBC 5.57 x10E6/uL 4.14 â?? 5.80 01
Hemoglobin 16.7 g/dL 12.6 â?? 17.7 01
Hematocrit 47.8 % 37.5 â?? 51.0 01
MCV 86 fL 79 â?? 97 01
MCH 30.0 pg 26.6 â?? 33.0 01
MCHC 34.9 g/dL 31.5 â?? 35.7 01
RDW 14.0 % 12.3 â?? 15.4 01
Platelets 241 x10E3/uL 155 â?? 379 01
Neutrophils 50 % 40 â?? 74 01
Lymphs 40 % 14 â?? 46 01
Monocytes 8 % 4 â?? 12 01
Eos 2 % 0 â?? 5 01
Basos 0 % 0 â?? 3 01
Neutrophils (Absolute) 3.7 x10E3/uL 1.4 â?? 7.0 01
Lymphs (Absolute) 3.0 x10E3/uL 0.7 â?? 3.1 01
Monocytes(Absolute) 0.6 x10E3/uL 0.1 â?? 0.9 01
Eos (Absolute) 0.1 x10E3/uL 0.0 â?? 0.4 01
Baso (Absolute) 0.0 x10E3/uL 0.0 â?? 0.2 01
Immature Granulocytes 0 % 0 â?? 2 01
Immature Grans (Abs) 0.0 x10E3/uL 0.0 â?? 0.1 01
Testosterone,Free and Total
Testosterone, Serum 966 ng/dL 348 â?? 1197 01
Free Testosterone(Direct) 26.1 High pg/mL 6.8 â?? 21.5 02
Estradiol 18.0 pg/mL 7.6 â?? 42.6 01

Hi Bullet,

Your numbers look much better with the new doc.
Two things stand out:

  1. Free T is too high
    On 200mg per week, your free T was greater than 50.
    On 150mg per week you are still being flagged as HIGH by the lab at 26.

This is an easy fix, just lower your test dose to 100mg per week from 150mg.
Really high free T is a total boner / libido killer.
It took me years to finally believe that less is more in terms of testosterone.
Moving back to 100mg from 150mg will get your free T into range.
If you are self injecting, split your dose, do half monday and half thursday.

  1. E2 at 18 is way too low, and a for sure killer of anything good that comes from TRT.
    Cut it back to .25mg per week. That is 1/4 a pill.
    You really need to take it EOD, but you can get by with twice per week.
    So, you will be taking 1/8 of a pill two times per week.

Run this protocol for two weeks and see how you feel…If you can get bloodwork at that time
it would be advisable.

Good Luck !

Thanks PKNY, it makes sense. Few questions. How do I break the Anastrazole into 1/8 pieces? What schedule do you suggest? For example today is Tues. And my schedule is as mentioned in my thread. 1) HCG M F 2) Testo Wed 3) Anastrazole Wed.

What day was your blood work done? Be good to know if this is a peek, low or average.

You can dissolve Anastrozel in vodka and dose with a graduated dropper. I used to do 2ml vodka for every mg of Anastrozel. It doesn’t dissolve completely, so shake before dosing. Might stay in suspension better if you crush it up with a pestal, but not a big deal.

.2ml for .1mg of anastrozel.
.3ml for .15mg of anastrozel.

Easiest just to take it when you inject T. Dropping your dose and splitting injections may eliminate the need for an AI. Should be interesting to see BW.

You need to read the stickies to lean the basics and that is a steep curve at first.

Most guys who land here have some thyroid problems:

  • read the thyroid basics sticky
  • eval your iodine status from your history of using iodized salt or vitamins listing iodine, stop using sea salt
  • if thyroid status is bad, TRT can make one feel worse
  • check your body temps as per the stickies
  • if you are iodine deficient, others in your home probably are too, eval them

Change how you inject:

  • read the protocol for injections sticky and provide more info about you and your labs
  • inject at least once per week

I am not concerned with your free FT.

There can be a lot going on other than testosterone and you have T tunnel vision.

BW was done 3 days after my last Testo injection. And my anastrazole come in 1mg pills. Thanks dhickey

K man where do I go for the stickies?