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? on High-bar, medium-stance squats (Limping Into November)

I have a question about this exercise (High-bar, medium-stance squats Limping Into November)…here is the description from the article…

“Immediately prior to commencing the descent, bend your knees slightly, suck in the lower abdomen, and squeeze your cheeks. This will “set” your pelvis in a slightly posteriorly rotated position. As you lower the weight, keep the hips in line with the spine. In other words, maintain the aforementioned hip position. Don’t misinterpret this, though. You can flex forward at the hips, just don’t change the hip-spine relationship.”

What exactly does posteriorly rotated position mean? It seems that when I “suck in my abdomen and squeeze my cheeks” my pelvis moves forward and I can’t squat without falling back.

Is that the way you are supposed to do it? Do I just need to practice the form?

Ian advocates a more neutral pelvic position when squatting. I’ve found it to be the best way to do a squat as well.

The idea with the pelvic position (the posterior tilt), just do the opposite of what you would normally do (tilting forward by sicking your ass out).

Ideally, you would be able to squat with a neutral spine and pelvis similar to when you’re standing.

Now, if you’re used to the anterior tilt when squatting, then your pelvis is likely already tilted forward when standing, so you’ll have to work extra hard to get it to neutral.

Keep in mind that this isn’t necessarily the ‘right’ way to squat. In fact a lot of trainers will argue for an anterior tilt. Still, I’ve found this to be the ‘best’ way to squat.

Anybody know what Charles Poliquin says on the issue?