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On HCG-Only for 6 Months. T is Great, E2 is Sky High

I have Secondary Hypogonadism. My balls work fine, but my brain doesn’t tell 'em to make testosterone.
I was on Clomid, but after 6 months it caused floaters.
Now I’m on HCG only, and after 6 months my T is 900 but my E2 is ~80.

I feel great, if not a little moody once in a while, but it’s manageable. The only real side effect is severe shoulder and chest acne that I’ve never, ever gotten. It is definitely related to my new high T or E2. I’m leaning towards the high E2, because when I was on clomid I had high T and did not have this issue.

I feel pretty lost. I am now looking at ways to lower the E2, because other than that the HCG is working great. But why am I going down this path? Having a sub 200 T at 29 years old isn’t normal. Why isn’t there a culture or protocol for investigating the root cause of it? All endocrinologists seem to just want to throw you on TRT or something.

Any advice welcome. I just want to be normal again.

What is your FT now and what was it on Clomid?

The more money you put into your healthcare coverage, the more you get out of it, if you had really good insurance than things might be a little different.

It’s simple, lower your dosage. If you were on TRT your E2 would be better controlled on TRT because you get your E2 from aromatase whereas on HCG you get your E2 via aromatase and produced from within the testicles.

What is your dosing protocol of HCG?

Also what were your LH and FSH pre-treatment?