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On Hand for PCT, Nolva, Aromasin, Clomid, Ralox ?

So I planned my PCT to be the commonly heard protocol of…

Clomid 100/100/50/50
Nolva 40/40/20/20/20…etc

But I am running Aromasin now and a trusty recommendation from our own cycobushmaster, says two SERMS together bad juju, but that the Aromasin/Nolva combo probably my best bet.

So I pretty much am leaning that direction, with an AI (aromasin), and a SERM (nolva).

My last pin was last Thursday, so going to look to start the PCT next Thursday. Just wanted to get a few different opinions. I’m still running Aromasin at 25mg ED, and Raloxifine at 60mg ED. Will swap to Nolva from Ralox during PCT.

I’ve never used Clomid before, in the past my PCT has been Nolva only. So is there real benefit to running both SERMs? What about all three compounds?

Just want to be sure I recover solid and don’t lose too much strength.

If no one presented good reason otherwise I’m currently thinking just the Nolva and Aromasin. But if the clomid is going to help I don’t want to leave it out, I already have it anyway.