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On First Test-Only Cycle, Few Questions.


I am 23, have been training for about 2 years. I have no previous cycle history. I have never ran any type of pro-hormone. My goal is to add as much size as possible. I do not compete in anything, this is for personal gratification. My weight is later on in the post.

Lifts estimates:
Bench 335
Squat ~350
Dead Lift ~405

Front Load 700mg/First Shot
W1-8 Test-E 500mg/Week (250mg E3.5D)
W1-8 Arimidex .25mg EOD

W10 Nolvadex 40 mg/day
W11 Nolvadex 20 mg/day
W12 Nolvadex 20 mg/day
W13 Nolvadex 10 mg/day

I am currently on day 9 of my first Test-e Only cycle. I acquired the gear from a local source. A friend of a friend has tried this gear, and said he had good luck.

The vials looked legit, although I don't have much experience. The oil was a yellowish color, with no visible particles.

I front loaded this cycle with 700mg of Test-E. I split the shots into two; one in each glute. There was a bit of soreness for the next to days when sitting, but I had no trouble training. There was no visible redness or irritation. The next two shots had been in my left and right delts, respectively.

The left delt was sore for about 2 days, the right sore for about a day and a half. Again, nothing that affected my training.

I started weighing 228. This morning (day 9) I am at 232. This is on the same scale, at the same time in the morning; after I poop, before I drink my morning shake.

Diet is on track. ~ 4000 calories a day. 30/30/40 fat/carbs/protein.

I don't feel too much different. It does not seem that I am any more or less horny. In the gym, I haven't gotten any significant strength increases, and don't feel much different while lifting. My nipples are not sore or puffy, even if I lower the Arimidex dosage.

It is possible I got fake or underdosed test, I can only hope I didn't. I am trying to acquire some from another source right now.

Question is, how justified are my worries of bad test? If I do get new gear, should I stop completely, run a short PCT, and retry, or should I just switch them out and see how I feel? Any other advice would be appreciated.

I don't think I left out anything. If I did, I apologize, just let me know.



How often are you shooting the test e? Has your workout recovery improved noticeably? Libido?


Sorry, I edited my post. I am injecting 250mg every 3.5 days.

Recovery has not improved noticeably. My libido isn't much different than normal. Yesterday, I wanted to have sex with the girlfriend more often than normal, but today it is back to normal.


I can't say your gear is bunk, but most feel the effects more profoundly than you are. It is still early, even with a frontload and you have gained several pounds.

I personally don't feel that much of a change when on test e. It can be subtle or it can be very clear depending on the individual. I went through the same doubting as you on my first cycle.

With dbol for example, there is no missing the effect. Your lifts increase phenomenally as does your weight and bloat. You can always get tested. Saliva test is apparently more affordable than serum. Others may have more to add.

Good luck...


I understand what you're saying. I guess I'll stick it out. Not much I can do if it is bad, it's not like I can return the gear.

I did a quick Google search on saliva testosterone test. I do have insurance. Would a doctor have a problem with testing me, or is the determining factor how much money I have to pay for test?

Thanks for your help.


I'm on a similar cycle, dont expect too much overnight, your gains will come, just train hard and eat/sleep well.


I'm also on a similar cycle, and am about 1 week ahead of you and I'm just now starting to gain a few pounds and am noticing strength differences in the gym. I'm pretty sure my vial was under-dosed as well though. Good luck.


I'm definitely doing that. Im loving eating this much, and I've never had a problem getting 8-10 hours of sleep a night.


Even with a frontload 9 days is way too soon to start questioning if the stuff is real or not. After 3 weeks you should know for sure. If you got the stuff from a friend that you trust you're probably good. Try not to think about it too much, constantly questioning whether the stuff is real or not is going to get nerve wracking.

Getting your T levels checked is fine, if that's what you want to do. You may want to get it done independantly, if you don't want your doc to see T levels over 1000(forgot the units ng/dl i think). I really don't know much about that stuff though.


I'm on day 23 of my test-e experience (I frontloaded as well). 750mg/week, and all I have gotten so far are 4 pounds (which I could have done myself) and bad sides (high bp and gyno).

No libido increase, no aggression, no quicker recovery yet. My diet, training, and rest are on, so all I can do is keep plugging away and wait for it to take effect. The gyno and hypertension tell me my gear is real, so kick-in time may vary from individual to individual.


Well if you are in fact getting gyno it is likely that your gear is working. Are you sure you are eating enough? It is possible that your stuff is underdosed and you are prone to gyno, but even if that was the case you'd probably experience some oily skin at the least. Hopefully it works out well, GL

/hijack sorry OP


Another possibility is underdosing.

Gyno can result, depending on the individual, from cycles as low as 250 mg/week (maybe lower but that is the lowest that I have known of.)

So if the product is say 1/3rd dosed, then that could account for the combination of little results but gyno.


Thanks for the thoughts and input on this, guys. Yes, I'm definitely eating enough. I can tell I've gained some fat, so those weren't 4 quality pounds, even though I've been eating clean. No oily skin, no, but I am taking finasteride at a higher than recommended dosage, too (3mg), and it can cut down the oily skin from DHT, correct?

I mean, I am really disappointed so far... no libido explosion, no aggression, no apparent muscle gain, nothing but the unwanted sides. I have switched recently from UGL to pharm-grade test, so now I know for sure what I'm getting.


Gotta say.. some get hair loss(DHT conversion and MPB) - some dont.. some increased libido(DHT conversion) - some dont, some more prone to aromatase(uh.. aromatase enzyme) - some can use a g a week and no AI, some get masses of strength, some barely none, some get crazy aggressive and others are calm as something real calm.

It really is a drug that affects many people in different ways as there are so many enzymes, prohormones and prosteroids, hormones etc interacting here.

I think we forget that too often..



Good cycle BTW.


Finasteride will reduce the positive effects of testosterone. no doubt. DHT is the sex drive, aggression..

Anyway, when i was using cheap UGL (sold in 20ml bottles... ;D) i found that while i gained in the long run (7 weeks or so) imostly got negative sides rather than positive ones. i do think it is a quality issue...



Felt a bit stronger today, but it was only arm day. May have just been a good day at the gym, who knows.

Right nipple was a little sensitive today. Right now I am on .25mg 2/wk on injection day. I think I'm going to up it to .25mg every third day or every other day.

Weight is up to ~234 this morning.


Alright, I'm getting more an more confident that my gear isn't any good.

I completely dropped the Arimidex with no symptoms or side effects. My libido is the same as it was before I started the cycle. I have had no significant strength increases, and I have noticed no aggression effects. My testicles have remained normal size.

I am on day 27 (~4 weeks) of this cycle. Should I quit with the injections now, and see if I continue to feel 'normal?' Would I run a short PCT even though I think it is bunk gear?

Another option would be to switch to a different sources test-e and run that for my planned 8 weeks.

The third option is to switch to another sources test-p and run that for 6 weeks.

My dilemma is if my current gear is under dosed, but does contain some testosterone, I know that it may still have suppressed me.


WHy not throw it in the freezer find out if theres any test in there


I did a quick forum/Google search for 'freeze test' and 'freezing test vial,' with no avail. Do you mind giving me a quick explanation?

If I had to guess:

  1. Stick in freezer
  2. Only the test will freeze?