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??? on diet ,plz help!

in a berardi article i was reading about the subject of training in the morning and eating before hand…he said eating a protein/fat meal
two hours before lifting is ideal for cals for fuel and to spare glycogen stores…wouldnt u need to eat a carb protein meal first thing then for next meal eat fat/protein meal two hours before lifting so that u had glycogen from carbs?sorry to be confusing…im confused! :slight_smile: basically wondering about waking up with no glycogen to spare with the fat/pro meal…thanks for any help guys!

Your question and this topic in general are much more complicated than you are making it. When are you training? How many calories are you eating? How many carbs are you eating? Are you using a drink like Surge for pre and during workout nutrition. Answer a few more of those questions and I can help you will your exact situation. Basically if you are on a calorie and carb restricted diet, timing of meals (especially carbs) is critical. If you are on a mass phase and eating a lot of carbs, you will have plenty of glycogen, even if you wake up and begin training right out of bed. It really depends.

You should be drinking Surge during and after your workout. This should answer your question.