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On Dianabol Before Fight

I’m currently in the second week of a cycle of dianabol. I was just told that I have a fight coming up in four weeks. I never take dianabol before a fight because of the water retention.

My question is will I be able to cut water weight like I usually do to make my weight class, or will the dianabol prevent me from cutting the water if I continue to use it? I assume I should switch to something else, but I’m not sure if I can on this is short notice.


What dose of D-bol? A mild diuretic, an OTC herbal, may be all you need. Also, the water/sodium trick could work if you practice it.
If you wanna switch consider
Oral Turinabol or Anavar.
If winny doesn’t bother your joints, it’s good too.

Mainly, does this dose of d-bol cause you to gain weight? If so, can you just keep calories lower and make weight? If you’re on just an ‘edge’ dose of like 25mg dbol then it should be all about diet. If on 100mg/day then maybe you need to change things.

Just 25 mg of dianabol. I’m up around 165 so far. I didn’t expect to have a fight in June. I usually walk around about 155. I always hold water when on dbol. My diet will get me down a ways, but I’ve never made 145 without cutting weight. I’ve cut 20 lbs. before, but felt sluggish in the ring the next day.

Anavar would be my choice, but I don’t have access to it. I can get winny usually. I’m going to try to get some winstrol or something that doesn’t retain water asap.

I’m still wondering if I continue on dbol and get my weight reasonably close to my target, will the dbol prevent me from squeezing out those last few pounds?

From my experience, it will all depend on your diet. If you’re still on a bulking diet then you will want to drop some cals. The water retention has never been a real big problem for me. I can still shed the water with cardio and sauna no problem. The may thing I don’t like when on d-bol is a decrease in my cardio ability. This might be the main reason to switch it up.