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On Cycle Training Routine Help?

Hey guys I really need some suggestions here because I don’t want to waste this cycle.

a little back story I did my first cycle 2 years ago 500mg test cyp with tbol kickstart. my training routine was a bro split back/chest/legs/shoulders/arms/off/off
put on about 15lbs and after pct held onto about 5-6 lbs.

now i’m on 500mg cyp and 400 mg deca with dbol kicker, i’m about to hit week 5 and can really feel it starting to kick in. as far as training goes I now know bro split isn’t generally optimal to maximize gains

HOWEVER my current split is
back & bis/ chest tris/ legs shoulders
this way i’m hitting muscle group twice per week. but honestly i’m not seeing good gains in my arms, my chest and back and quads blowing up but my arms have literally been at 15 inches for almost 2 years now. what the fuck do I do to make these fuckers grow.
i’m doing 9-12 HARD working sets twice per week, upping the weights changing the exercises, drop sets, clusters, partial rep burn outs. i’m literally hitting these puppy’s till my shoulders hurt but still nothing. HELP

Running gear for two years and arms have been stuck at 15 the whole time? Well that’s pretty telling.

Could be wrong, but sounds to me like he wasn’t on gear that whole time and took a 2-year break

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Tells me he might not know what he is doing .

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So does this

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Silly question, but are you eating enough to grow? You could have the best training routine around but if you don’t eat enough then you’ll never grow.

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my maintenance is 2600, I started at 3000 for this bulk and now i’m up to 4000 but looking a little bloated and like I might be putting on a little fat , gonna lower to 3700, like I said everything else is getting big. maybe frequency is too much bc I know damn well intensity is there

I mean first cycle was definitely a learning experience. it would seem a lot of people have trouble holding onto muscle after pct which is why i’m gonna cruise for a few months after this cycle. i’m also going to use hcg in my pct when I do come off which I didn’t do last time

I only ran gear 12 weeks the first time

Arms are tricky.

There is no one size fits all for what works for everyone.

One thing is for sure if they aren’t growing yoh need to try something different


How tall are you? Weight? BF? What are some of your other measurements that make you feel like your arms are lagging in comparison?

Arms are really a bitch. They can even measure big, but not look big if they are not the right shape, or the muscle is more towards the top of the arm.


5’10, 181 lbs this morning bf is roughly 14%
started this cycle at 174 about 5 weeks ago.
i’d rather give updates measurements in comparison so i’ll grab those when I get home. my chest was really lagging a few months ago until I ramped up frequency I figured my arms would take to the same abuse I even tried the 1000 rep work out a few time to try and “shock” the muscle if that’s even a real thing. but nothing seems to work. maybe I should go back to once a week

dude my genetics are trash, I can fit 3 fingers between my elbow joint and the beginning of my bicep on the inside

I think 3 is about average. 2 for me when the forearm is at a 90 degree angle.

The best arms in BBing seem to have less than a finger. Look at some vintage arm shots from Sergio Oliva (I am blown away by his arm genetics).

All you can do is work with what you got. It’s not like I gave up because I have a 2 finger gap.

For me it just seems that getting stronger works pretty well. Stuff like weighted chins, close grip bench, weighted dips, with some isolation exercises.


Part of it is unfortunately genetics as far as certain shape. But genetics won’t hold you back from getting massive arms they just might not look like your favorite body builders.

Focus on your triceps. They are what really make your arms look bigger.

You have people who swear by crushing arms numerous times a week then others that say once a week.

Some say go as heavy as possible other say light weight more reps.

They are all correct. You just need to try all the variables and figure out what works for you.

If all else fails you can synthol it up. (jk don’t do that)

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We probably have similar build and struggles to gain. I can put three fingers in there too. I’m sitting at 195 and ~12%. But started at 135lbs and 10.5” arms 8 years ago.

I’m not the best person to give advice, I’m not far ahead of you with 16.5” arms. I have found less volume and more frequency to help, as well as rep ranges from 8-15. I no longer do an “arm” day. And just throw in a few sets after chest , back , shoulder days.

Out of curiosity, what do your calves measure at ?

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I started at 160 and probably 25% body fat with 12in arms. maybe it’s not all the gear just lots of years of training. i’ve only been training about 3 1/2 years now
calves 5 weeks ago were 15 1/2