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On Cycle Supplements. Cycle Assist


On Cycle & Post Cycle Therapy 1 Liver assist, 1 cycle assist 1 inhibit
do these supplements really work for oncycle and pct or is it best to stick to the aromasin and nolvedex and hcg? ive been trying to read up on these but cant find a reputable source to actually believe they work. and i dont wanna mess around with a supplement that may or may not work. any info on these would help.

also whats the best liver pill i could take. ive read that livercare is really good. and one of the best all around care for liver support. just wondering if this is true. another question is what do you use for liver support?

also do i need any supplements to help my prostate or anything while on cycle? im doing 600 mg of test once a week for 3 months im on my 4th week. thank you in advanced.


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why do you need liver pills, is your "test" oral?

And no, those supplements don't work


i was just wondering if they work. thats all. thank you. i need liver pills for other things not for the test all tho i was recommended to take em for the test for some reason which didnt make sense. damn bushido go back to training your taijutsu and lay off the aas for a moment.. rage hitten ya hard or what lmao.... ps please dont bushido me yo damn.... thanks tho.

for on cycle im doing hcg 250 iu once per week til my last week with .5 mg of aromasin. from what i read that should be great and the hcg really isnt needed yet recommended. pct ill do 40/20/20/10 of nolvadex... i was just curious cause i read all these supplements for oncycle and pct that arent the real pct's thought id ask if they do any good at all. sounds like they dont. thanks idolhands.

one question tho... how does anyone ever keep posting on this forum.. so many jack ass responses its funny as hell... you can e bully all day long youll still look like a retard in the end lmao. two minds are better then one you gotta start some where i keep getting told just keep reading well i read tons of shit all day long. then i ask and get responses like bushidos. whats this forum actually good for????


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no worries!! bushido thank your for responce!! i will move forward in my research... but ya i already got my nolvedex and aromasin.