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On Cycle Organ Support & Safety?

Hi guy’s I am going to start a 16 weeks lean Gain cycle
and will try to shreds in last 4 weeks I want to know the list of supplements which has been taken to

  1. protect Heart, kidney, liver,
  2. blood pressure (blood thickening)
    ETC all which we can take to make our cycle safe.
    Here are some list of supplements I m writing can anybody help is there anything more.
  3. NAC 600 mg (twice a day)
  4. 81 mg a day low dose Aspirin.
  5. Humanofort 300 mg a day
  6. longvida curcumin 500 mg a day
  7. Digestive enzymes / probiotics
  8. fish oil 4 grm to 6 grm a day
  9. CoQ10 100 mg a day.

Is there anything I can take more or anything I can take better than this plz help.

Red yeast rice is a must for me for cholesterol.

Some evidence that milk thistle protects the liver.

You could probably skip the probiotics and use things like greek yogurt and bone broth for digestive/gut health.

TUDCA is a pretty good liver support supplement.

Personally I would drop the fish oil some and add in turmeric instead of the low dose aspirin. Tumeric just has a lot of benefits and it is also a blood thinner.
When I take Coq-10 I usually take 300-400 mg a day just because it makes me feel good lol

Thanks a ton

Thanks a million

Cool okay thanks

Red Yeast Rice is equatable to taking lovastatin, albeit the product is unregulated hence dosage per capsule/batch can differ dramatically. Furthermore the prospect of citrinin contamination is rather concerning. That being said, I take it too… makes my lipid profile go from borderline to fantastic.

Just a note, taking statins and c17-aa anabolic steroids is ill advised due to concurrent hepatic strain. Dramatically increases hepatotoxicity