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On Cycle, I Get Girlfriends. On Cruise, They Break Up


I bet they’d actually arrive i 1 day, or potentially even same day. We have an Amazon hub here in Dallas, so a lot of really generic products like tissues get delivered ridiculously fast.

I’m pretty sure this is on topic at this point.

Just abrasive. And honest. I’m not wrong here.

I wish I had made the point that @twojarslave made above, that there are zillions of guys who have no trouble getting girls while they have absolutely normal test levels. The fact that the OP cannot get girls when he has normal test levels absolutely proves that there’s a personality, money, stability, etc issue at work. There’s no reason why normal test levels should be a prohibitive factor in dating. I had no trouble meeting/dating girls before steroids.

All of this should be pretty fucking obvious, it’s amazing that our friend E-kwell can’t see this.

yea, probably


Wait, are we monkeys or sheep?




There’s tons of sheep around where I live, the foxes frequently get em tho.

Us lizard people like sheep. (Shhhhhhhhhh)


Hilarious! This may be my new favorite word!


Mine was a compliment. It takes balls to go against the grain and tell someone when they are just messed up. Instead of feeding his ego, tell him the truth and if he is mature enough he can make changes, if not we get the thread we have now.


i seen something recently how beautiful women end up with “ugly” men.
They say woman like to stick with confident men. Maybe you are more confident when on cycle.



Check out this thread, I think you’ll find it funny, I know I certainly did.


@unreal24278 @flappinit @flipcollar what in the actual hell hahahahaha.


I know right, I need dating advice from the guy who started this thread. Dating rules for lizard people are different

Here’s a pic of me on a date with another lizard person, I didn’t insult her IQ enough though so there will be no second date


@unreal24278 hmmmm. Looks like that lizard has low t. Youre out of luck


have any of you guys seen those lizards that the males impress their potential dates by doing push ups?

I swear I’m not making this up


lol! Blue belly lizards. They’re all over California.


Laughing my fucking ass off watching the sheep herd respond to this thread, please keep it up, I need more amusement.

You are actually WORSE than chrstian funadmentalist, the cult-behaviour on here is absolutely hilarious.


LMFAO, Im waiting, MORE PLEASE :wink:


go away, we’re talking about lizards here. not sheep.


you know… I may have found a solution.

Do you get the urge to just cry sometimes? Just curious.


I don’t think anybody debates that you might get an extra look or two when your T is through the roof and you’re feeling confident, I just don’t think anyone here sucks enough that after the cycle ends, people run for the hills.



Did you even go to Buffalo Wild Wings?


What exactly are you asking? If this happens?

I’m natty elitist as fuck, but I remember when I was doing light weight 8x8, girls were all over me. But then I slowly stopped dating as I peaked. So by this logic, I think women can tell if you’re lifting light and are more impressed by that than if you peak into doubles and singles.