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On Cycle, I Get Girlfriends. On Cruise, They Break Up

Can someone please tell me what is going on here? This happened 3 times now.

On 3 cycles, 500mg of testosterone, women show interest, and I get girlfriends. The relationship works well til I start cruising on 100mg a week, when I do, they slowly start losing interest, dont want sex as much, and soon they break up.

Then I hop on again, and suddently within a couple of weeks, the same girl start hitting me up, and other girls wanna be my girlfriend.

Anyone else experienced this?!

girls can feel when testosterone levels are high, we have more pheromone and they can feel that. That’s what i think but not sure…

Have u also experienced this phenomenon?

sounds like you’re not an interesting enough person to keep a girl around longer than a couple months.

That’s a far more likely answer than pheromones. I’ve never, ever experienced what you’re describing.


No, Its the same when clubbing. ON high dosages = girls are horny. On cruise = Not horny. Theres a direct relationship here im sure.

sure buddy.

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What do u mean? Try google: “test cycle pheromones” and see what u find, basicly thousands of anecdotes just like this one, I just found out about about it. Seems to be a really common phenomena.

cool. any studies? Or is this just thousands of people blaming their shitty personality and girls breaking up with them on pheremones? Unless you can prove the causation that you’re suggesting, then this is nonsense.

Isn’t it at least equally possible that there are thousands of dudes out there who feel more confident on steroids, lose that confidence, and subsequently lose gf’s over and over again?

also, what are you, like 20 years old?


here’s a thing you can google and get thousands of posts and threads on: “obama lizard people”. According to one poll, there are approximately 12 million people in the US who believe the country is run by lizard-people.

Does 12 million anecdotes make that true?


Jesus christ, u dont find it interesting that TONS of guys gets girls coming up to them on test but when off they get nothing? Ive experienced this for 2 fucking years now.

You are truly low IQ, most likely uneducated and extremely close minded, “muh scientific studies!!”, Yeah, Im sure these scientists are gonna get fundings for how large doses of testosterone gets womens juices flowing.

I bet you’ve had the same shitty personality that can’t keep a girl around for the entirety of that 2 year span.

I’ve been on steroids longer than you have, I’ve gone on and off cycle, and during that time, I’ve never experienced what you’re talking about.

I find your claim precisely as interesting as the claim made by 12 million people that lizard people run the government. I’m not sure why you believe the concept of ‘lots of people believe a thing so it must be true.’


Have you observed the following?

Man gets girlfriend, suddenly it seems as if he could have any woman that he crosses paths with.

Man loses girlfriend, suddenly it seems as if every woman he crosses paths with is taken or uninterested.

Do you believe that females can smell the other woman on that man, and instinctively know he’s got the goods and that’s why the show interest, and lose it when he’s single?

Or do you think it’s an attitude or personality shift that is the difference between those two scenarios?

IDK, to be fair that’s a truly fascinating phenomenon lol.


Yeah, ure simply ignorant and close minded. Ive CLEARLY experienced it, many times, so have tons of other ppl.

I think there are a lot of people who are appealing for a first date, or a short term relationship. And it seems to me that the OP likely sells himself well in that sense, but doesn’t have what is necessary to keep a girl around long-term. Such is the case with plenty of gym rats, steroids or not. If the OP is attractive, but lacks good conversational skills, or a good job, stability, whatever, that’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for his experiences. And to be fair, he may indeed act differently when approaching girls while on vs off.

see, when you say something like this, it is incumbent upon you to present evidence. In the absence of said evidence, I would be a fool for simply taking you at your word.

If I took everyone at their word, I’d believe the government was run by Lizard people, who all say ‘it is CLEARLY the case that Obama was a lizard. you’re close minded and you have a low IQ if you don’t see it.’

Are you not getting this comparison yet?

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Let me ask you something. According to you, I’m stupid. Stupidity is probably not a quality that women look for in a man. And I also come off steroids regularly. So if I’m stupid, and I lose those pheromones that you keep talking about, why have I not gotten dumped?

“Muh scientific evidence”, AGAIN, would ANYONE found scientists wanting to check if human males become more sexually attractive injecting tons of testosterone?

Are you religious?

I have to say, after the short span of this topic, I can see why you have difficulties getting humans to stay around you for long durations.


There is no correlation between IQ and success with ladies, so it doesnt help nor not help. And yes, you are increidble close minded and dumb. Basicly proving the meathead steroid abuser stereotype.

Great argument, NEXT. How would it be if people could actually discuss the actual phenomena? The arguments are are absolutely redicilous: “muuh no scientific evidence”, “muuh ure boring!”

Fucking fools.