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On Cycle Doubt

hi guys , well im running a eq (400) sustanon(500) cycle im a hardgainer ecto have a couple years training hard i love going hard , my goal on this cycle is bulk gaining alot of weight i dont really worried about that im cut really fast the doubt is im currently in my 3 week happy see resulst hardness and vascularity week but i need to incluide deca theres a problem with that ?

eq 1-14 400mg
DECA 4-14 200mg (pharma deca ) in my country is legal freesell
Sustanon 1-14 400 mg (pharma to)

thanks for the time guys theres a pre cycle pic
stats 22 years
75 kilos
5´9 height

The question is, How hard do you go?


[quote]Steve Rogers wrote:
The question is, How hard do you go? [/quote]

Im still laughing at this ^^^

Should be fine, if you want to cycle (not stay on and blast/cruise) then run the test a few weeks longer than the others - deca can take a long time to clear. Add pct at the end if you do this.
To be honest though, if you really are serious then it might be worth cruising on ~200mg/week (split between ed/eod pins) of test and adding other compounds + more test every couple of months blast/cruise style. It is completely up to you.
Most importantly at the moment, however, you should plan your training and diet. If you jump on AAS early like you have, you have to ensure that these are up to par and you aren’t relying solely on the drugs.
Lower legs look small, can’t see thighs but can imagine this is a weakness - squat!

Food and calf raises.

pauljohn,you’re a hardgainer because you don’t squat.Once you start squatting you will eat more.I wouldn’t play with any deca right now.