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On Cycle Blood Test, What and When to Do it for Estrogen Level

ok first is im on day 6 on my cycle. i just did mild test lower than the recommended 500mg/week.
i just did 375.
when do you need to check for your estrogen? is it 7days of your cycle or wait till 30days?
taking 0.25mg arimidex every 3.5 days
not skinny just average
and should i test for Test and E2?
what should be my E2 level, around 20s on cycle? or should be around 20s on and off cycle?

you are in the wrong forum. This is TRT

You would get better replies in the pharma section, this is the TRT section. I have no idea what range estrogen should be in for you, everyone is different.

Hi blue it can take LabCorp up to 10 days to do a sensitive E2 test.
If you are taking T e or T cyp the best time to test TT and E2 are at about 40 days. This is when your T reaches steady state meaning it will no longer go high in your blood.
When you measure your TT and E2 you want a ratio of 15-25% you are not targeting an in range E2 like TRT guys.
I would not take any anastrozole right now just do T mono. If you had no problems with 375 just start your 500 asap. I like to bust them up into 3 shots a week. M/W/F I also do subQ not IM. My T cyp is in grapeseed oil it is very thin and I can use a 27ga 1/2" insulin syringe. It is totally painless.


ok bro… then after around 40days i gonna do some blood.

what does 15-25% ratio of that means? any links or place where i can read more about that?

whats a T mono? hmm later it might be too late if my Estro is high?

dont know what my test is made of