On Cycle and PCT Support

What’s a good natural product to use during PCT?

Also looking for general health on cycle support.

thoughts ?

Depends what effect you’re looking for. There are a range of things that can happen during a cycle depending on what you use, so your question is sort of the same as me asking “what’s the best car?”. Be more specific and you’ll get answers.

trying to maintain general health (blood pressure, prostate, cholestrol) during cycle and use something natural to help hold on to the gains or even continue building muscle during PCT

A multivitamin? :man_shrugging:t4:

What drugs are you taking, that might help give better advice?

Nothing natural is going to help you hold onto your gains. Not sure what you are running but the inevitable loss is coming my friend. Keep your training regimen consistent and don’t get discouraged. If you were bulking make sure you still keep the calories high and of quality substance. Sleep… get plenty. Try to keep your weight stabilized as long as possible with the aforementioned. If you gained a few naughty pounds I wouldn’t recommend cutting for awhile until your new found mass sticks for a bit.



Thanks for the advice. What do you think of on cycle health support products like saw palmetto

Waste of money IMHO.

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