On Cutting Phases

I’ve been cutting for three weeks now, and from what I’ve heard from a trainer at the gym, there are ‘cutting phases’. Right now, I’m 209 down from 218 when I started (19% bf/175lbs lean weight) and cutting at ~1800 calories. I’ve been told that the next ‘phase’ is another four weeks during which I have to cut my carbs down from 144 to an even smaller amount… So, my question is, is this necessary? Can one simply cut for X months with the same caloric intake from start to finish (and same macro ratios)?

Any advice would be appreciated!

If you are still gradually dropping weight at a rate you like on the higher calories there’s no need to make changes. You could go forever technically but practically you almost always have to make adjustments sooner or later.

Dropping calories may speed up weight loss but will likely impact more on performance in the gym which needs to be kept as high/intense as possible because that’s the stimulus to hold onto muscle in a cut.

If your weight loss has slowed or stalled then changes should be made. Dropping calories is one option but you can also increase activity levels e.g. more cardio.

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I assume you already feel like crap on this deficit?

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if you’re still losing weight then there’s no need to lower the calories further. Once progress stalls you have to adjust.

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1800? Little low imo

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You are on a shitty weight loss diet.

@khangles, many thanks!