On crew team, need to gain mass

I recently joined a Division II college crew team. This means that I am rowing for two hours every morning, before breakfast, six days a week. Three times a week I have an additional afternoon practice on a rowing machine.

Crew is divided into two weight classes: sub-160 pounds, and 160+ pounds. At the moment, I am 5’10" and 167 pounds, with a fairly low body fat percentage (never been tested, but I have a visible six pack without flexing). I would ideally like to reach approximately 175 pounds, both to ensure that I am not asked to cut weight and row lightweight, and to increase my rowing ability via hypertrophy. Looking better naked would be nice, too :wink:

Unfortunately, the incredible amount of rowing that I do every day amounts to a LOT of cardio. I am eating six LARGE meals a day, plus two protein shakes, and I still hungry all the time.

I try to lift regularly, but I am chronically overtrained, and feel like I’m breaking my body down. It doesn’t help that I have to get up at 5:00am every day for practice, and am often very sleep deprived.

Since I am a poor college student, at the moment the only supplimentation that I can afford is protein powder. I am asking my parents for creatine and Surge for Christmas; hopefully they will deliver.

And so I turn myself over to the collective knowledge of the forum. I am short on sleep and food, and very long on cardio. But I need to gain mass–I refuse to let this sport turn me into a skinny bastard. I’m sure that all of you understand the sentiment.

Any and all help would be appreciated!


"I am eating six LARGE meals a day, plus two protein shakes, and I still hungry all the time. "


What does LARGE mean to you?? We need calories, fats, carbs, protein amounts. Try keeping a food log first.

oh yea Food=Mass

Fuck Surge and Creatine for X-mas. These are extras.

oh yea in case I forgot, Food=Mass

That is a lot of exercise and you are probably overtrained. I would suggest you eat something before you go out rowing in the morning. Something that your body starts to use right away. Recovery is important too. Something right after your workout that your body uses right away. The rest sounds good; lots of food, lots of calories. Getting up at 5 am sucks for the sleep but if you are asleep by 9 you’ll be good.

you eat you grow. since you say you eat a lot, the problem is not there. you dont sleep enough, SLEEP!! i read an article, i dont remember which issue, but they said that sleep is often the missing link to weightlifting. so sleep more. and dont do the extra things man. i have the same dilema with the suplement situation, and i just stuck with protein and its great. it seems imposible to me that you can gain a lot of mass if you do so much cardio all the time. after the season is over, start lifting like a beast. its what i did for football, gained 25+ pounds in 3 months. so yeah, to recap: SLEEP MORE, LIFT AFTER SEASON and you will be fine.

Then eat even more.