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On Coumadin, Testosterone Only Cycles?

Ive been on trt 3 years testosterone cypionate 8 months, no or little effect on inr, started eq at 300 wk, winny 30 mg ed, to add to my trt. Apparently eq and dbol are the worst reaction aas to Coumadin my inr went from 2.1 to 7 in three weeks. I research this it seems testosterone has very little effects on inr, can i spike with a 19nor deca or tren. I am staying on the 30mg winny ed, and dropping eq to see if i can at least take winny or tbol next cycle, i also noticed inr spike when i tryed osteobol mk 2866. This post only applies to us on blood thinners. Maybe someday can help.

Just increase the amount of testosterone you are using, since you are on TRT just run 10 week cycles with equal time off running 500mg testosterone only. Keep running it until you have rinsed the dose and no longer see results, after that do the same with 750mg for a few cycles. There is no real need to be adding any 19-NOR’s personally. Testosterone is more than enough, at least for a few years. I made this mistake in the beginning and after my surgery will be following the above method for years, there is no reason you can’t get to 100kg plus on the above doses IMO.

Yeah 500mg a week testosterone cypionate will get you bigger especially if is real pharmaceutical grade, i just wish something i could take wont fuck with inr, when your inr gets over 6 or so you lose blood, and makes you anemic, fuck squats when you stand up and get head rush (i get avms or small ulcers ) . Test never raised inr, back in the day all they had was dbol and they got huge. Thank you quarkerz.

I am currently 6’1 295, 25% bdfat quit smoking 3 years ago hard time dropping weight, 43 years old.

Are you simply using coumadin for high BP? I only just thought about it but if you are using it for a clot I would advise against increasing any dose TBH. Any increase in AAS doses will increase your BP regardless, which is the reason for using this medication to begin with I would assume as there is no other real use for it.

I would suggest buying a monitor and recording your average readings daily to stay on top of it if it’s just high BP. If it is for a clot or other potentially risky condition I would advise againt it. Aim to keep your BP under 120/70 if you choose to up your dosage and have no medical conditions that could escalate from doing so, I could not stress this enough.

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If this is the case read the above. Drop your BF to at least 15% before you even consider upping your dose. Stick to TRT and work on cardio and weights for now. Think about your health.

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yeah, i’m a little perplexed about taking additional androgens while on a blood thinner…

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I also have ivc filter, just wanted a little more of an anabolic effect. Nothing like the cycles they run nowadays i meen 600 test 600 deca and 50 to 100 aday anadrol is crazy as a second cycle. My uralagist, consulted a cardiovascular surgeon before giving me testosterone therapy. As long as I’m on a blood thinner and filter, the trt should be safe. Just a little boost, i also knew from a head of time stay from tren and anadrol. Since i was slightly anemic i though that a little eq would help and be perfect addition. I was wrong but caught it fast enough i have inr tommorow we will do a dosage, will look at the numbers.

If adding small amount of deca 200 milligrams a week would help anemia and joint pain without changing inr i would be game.

I do not think you understand. Your doctor has told your that levels below 300 are just as much risk as levels over 1200, making 300-1200 the medium for optimal health, you could up your dose to around 200mg per week and run off that, but I would not recommend any more. 500mg per week will put you well between 2000 and 2500 ng/dl and raise your BP significantly, especially when taking weight into account.

What you need to do is diet down to 15% at least on 125mg-200mg maximum in a calorie deficit, what you eat is also vastly more important than how you exercise. The changes you could make off that alone on 200mg would be significant providing your training was on point and then reassess whether you should up your dose or not providing your BP is dropping to with mid-range and you are not having any issues with your blood clots, I assume you would be aware that regular scans would be necessary.

Avoid any other compounds like the plague. If you are susceptible to clots the last thing you want is one in your brain, my Dad recently had a stroke and I can tell you he is not having a fun time. Equipoise and Trenbolone specifically I would steer clear from.

It is best to take things slow instead of jumping in and potentially risking your life for the sake of gaining muscle faster. I am not sure if you are aware but even with drugs decent results can take years. It’s a slow game, even with steroids, so take it easy at first and look after yourself.

I have seen first hand where people have used nothing over 200-250mg of testosterone and made significant progress. This is a guy I know on another forum for instance who is on TRT of only 125mg per week, granted though, he is fairly light at around 160lb, hence needing less gear in but you can grasp where I am coming from. He can perform weighted dips with 50kg+ and weighted pull-ups with 60kg+, he is a machine, and it’s due to diet and training, not drugs.

To also put your mind at ease TRT will help with your anaemia as higher testosterone stimulates erythropoiesis. Leave the Deca IMO, just stick to the test, you do not need it.

You are right , plus a 30 lb weight loss will make a big difference in appearance, once i see results it gets easier to eat better, 200test a week will retain calorie deficit. Plus i will look way sexier , have a good outline, crazy definition in calves, and healthier, putting on 10 of muscle is harder to see at high body fat ,ad in health risks I have made up mind quackerz. Cutting weight should be more manageable as i eat out alot single cutting 1500 calories a week is not hard, as i am around 8000 now. Take into account a physical job. Mid life crisis is a bitch i used to be 6’1 265 and people said i wad built like the rock ,15 year’s ago. I hope you dad makes a fast recovery, you’re reply reminded me of how much it sucks to to be in hospital, thanks.

Cheers mate, no problem.

Just stick with it and focus and results will follow, like I said, you just have to be patient with it. :slight_smile:

Thanks, time to break out George Foreman grill.

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Did forth shot of test e250, 200 eq, and 30 mg winny ed, before you responded to my post last week, now im in hospital, with infection, flu and high white blood cell count dirty gear.well as endoscopy with 2 new avms, hemoglobin was down to 7.4 got three units blood, up to 8.0 now trying to get rid of fever, yeah back to my doc stuff till I get weight down, their have talks of taking me up Coumadin because of filter, ill got body mass lower before i do that, got rid that bunk shit.

Shit mate, sorry to hear that, sounds nasty.

Hope you make a good recovery, shit like that’s not easy but like I said stick to the TRT and focus and you should be alright. You can make silly progress with average T levels, maybe not size wise, but defiantly with your strength, so focus on that a bit.

Funnily enough I’m giving blood today to bring down my RBC count…

My uralagist always test for that, if it gets.to high they have to lower dose, Think how high those huge guys strongman, mr Olympia’s get, i was told that with certain bmi, be it muscle or fat and over 35 a baby aspirin 81mg, could be a life saver.

Nowhere close, asprin is usleless, it’s all hearsay, these guys are on a lot of BP medication to keep it within range, prescribed or sourced illegally, if I told you some of the doses they take you probably would not believe me either. 10g+ for most of these guys on multiple compounds yearly. They will be dieting early.

The most ive been is around 1700 a week, 150 test suspension, 150 liquid anadrol, 150 tren eod, plus 50 mg winny daily, strong as shit. I ve heard of 10g a week , wonder what those cycle really look like, if you look up Mr Olympia’s cycle they are 2000 a week.which i doubt. My blood pressure last night 117 over 65. They took me off antibiotics overnight as my white blood cell twice normal they want to see where it goes, anyway my right arm looks like I’ve been partying with axle rose. You heard about those middle eastern bodybuilders dying 23 maybe and shutting down the gyms, bad gear?