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On Clomid. When to Supplement with an AI?

My body is not able to keep up with tedt levels on its own due to one reason or another so i take 25mg clomid daily.

Some recent labs:
Total T 940ng/dL
Free T 405ng/dL ( yes this is very high)
Shbg 22.5
Estradiol 72 ( i understand this is high, top of range)

I read clomid needs to be taken in larger doses to supprrss estrogen side effects.

What othet options/ doses are typical of people to use?

Not sure about your exact situation, but 25mg clomid can be enough to surpress excessive aromatization/gyno symptoms on a low dose cycle, testosterone200mg/400mg low aromatising steroid like EQ, primo or deca.
I would avoid high dose clomid dosages max of 50mg/day clomid, even in PCT. High doses of clomid can cause permanent eye problems, so I wouldn’t go the high dose route without Dr’s supervision.

I use AI as a last resort on cycle, and generally don’t use more than 600mg of steroids/week. If 25mg of clomid isn’t working, I would switch to 20mg of nolvadex as it is a little stronger.
For me AI takes time to build up, and is too easy to tank my E and feel like shit. I can avoid it by keeping my testosterone input to that of a high TRT dose. Might be a different matter for those on a high dose of T or large mg stack.