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ON Casein Protein? Grocery Store Clearance

I went to the store today to stock up on a couple things, and they had a sale going on ON Casein Powder, 2 lb tubs. I get to the register, and it rang up as $8.56. WTF? I felt inclined to share with my workout group, but I oouldn’t bear to miss the deal, so after my workout I went and bought the remaining 6 tubs at the store. I don’t know if it is like this at all HEB stores, but if you have one near you, give it a shot - it is a steal!

what area of the country to you live in? and what’s the name of the store?

I live in Texas, and the name of the store is HEB.

I just looked at the website (heb.com), and it is a texas grocery chain similar to target/walmart .

Yeah, stands for H.E. Butts. No joke! Glad you got a good deal! We keep that Casein on hand here. I like to mix one scoop of it with one scoop of Metabolic Drive.