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? on Carbs

I keep hearing people say how they try to eat low glycemic carbs to avoid the insulin. From what I know about insulin it simply transports nutrients including fats, sugars and all the good stuff to the tissue. It seems to me as though it would be more benificial to eat low amounts of high glycemic carbs after lifting. Without the extra calories from fat and carbs there will be no fat and carbs for the insulin to transport and there for the insulin will just end up transporting the good nutrients. Anyway I’d like to know what you all think of this and if you agree with me I’d like to hear about how many of these high G. carbs you think one should take after lifting. My idea is this… I’m thinking about eating 150g protein and 50g of fat during the day, then after my evening workout eating another 150g of protein and 200g of carbs. If you know something about this stuff please let me know if this sounds like a good plan. Thanks

After a workout there are more things to consider than just insulin. During the workout, cellular mechanisms occur which enable the muscle to take up glucose and amino acids in the absence of insulin. Following a workout, this situation still exists for a certain period of time. You want to take full advantage of this situation as it will optimize glycogen resynthesis and amino acid uptake into the muscle, therefore you want to ingest hi GI foods following the workout to get the nutrients to the muscle as soon as possible. If these nutrients are being disposed into the muscle at a high rate, they will be less likely to be stored as fat.

With regard to extra calories from carbs, the GI doesn’t affect the caloric content of the food, just the rate of glucose appearance in the blood and the resultant insulin response. So, in the non-post workout situation, hi GI foods elevate blood glucose and be more likely to result in fat storage.

As for the post-workout diet you are talking about, 200 g of carbs sounds kind of high on a low carb diet. It depends on your body weight and metabolism.

Take home message, stick with Hi GI post-workout and low GI all other times.

That is lot of carbs at once.
Do it more like this:

Meal 1-3 protein & fats only


Meal 4 about 40 g protein w/50-70 high carbs

Meal 5 another recovery meal with about 40g protein & 30-50g carbs

Insulin seems to be misunderstood. Yes it transports nutrients to places where they are used and is quite anabolic, BUT it is the MOST FATTENING HOROMONE. That’s why diets like Atkins, Anabolic, and T-Dawg work well, they limit insulin. When you cycle low carb and high carb days, like with the Anabolic and T-Dawg diet, you can get the anabolic effects of insulin without laying down too much fat. If you’re one of the guys these diets don’t work well on, you should probably stack Alpha-Lipoic-Acid, BMOV, BGOV, and chromium to ovoid too much insulin. Eat low glycemic carbs like jasmine rice, oatmeal, and whole grains (no potatoes or other starchy carbs) during the day and sip something like grape juice during your workout.