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On Break, Now Back

First off I’m 34 years old, second I boxed in college and have been working out ever since, however for about 4 years now I have been serious / focused on my bodybuilding and dieting. I have done about 3 cycles. I was 230lbs (6" tall) 35" waist, prior to my injury.

About 8 months ago I injured my rotator cuff and had to go through rehab / pt and finally as of 3 weeks ago have gotten back to the gym. I lost around 30 lbs in those 8 months and its hard but I haven’t given up (im back up to 210lbs ish). My routine and diet are cranking back up, as I can finally do 1 1/2 hours in the gym and can finally eat about 6-7 meals a day, all thought I still think my diet is lacking.

MY QUESTION: When would you all advise me to start back on the ju!ce as I don’t want to waste it on a body that’s potentially not in shape enough to get the benefits. For me it takes about 3 weeks to see any effects at all, so im thinking it’s been about 3 weeks plus another 3 weeks until they take effect, so i should be good to go?

Caveat- Again I’m 34 and know how my bodies going to took in 6 weeks and or 12 weeks naturally, hence why im asking this question.

Also- I’m running low on nova / PCT. What’s the minimum amount and or weeks you need PCT for say and 10 week cycle at averages around 600mgs a week. I assume its about 3 weeks worth take two 25mgs a day?

no help or bad post?

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Do as bushi says.

Also check out all the “postures” articles here on T-Nation. I’ve been mostly injury free for a long while now, and I attribute a lot of it to all the little weird exercices I learned here, the use of a foam roller (I learned about it here too), and ART treatments.

When you come back for a long layoff, you usually get back to where you were in time pretty easily, a lot more than if you were never there before. So untill you stall and you’re sure you maxed out, dont use AAS IMHO.

Thanks guys I appreciate the help. I was in great shape before i got hurt and now am feeling really good again. Again thanks.

To answer Bushidobadboys questions. Yes I am aware of of how to train a rotator injury, I boxed in college where we had personal trainers, doctors and a medical staff on duty and in the gym with us, not everyday but twice a week.

Surprisingly shoulder injuries in fight sports are fairly common and luckily i go an injury that i am aware of how to fix.

I hear you guys on the comments on stalled increases in one’s routine and muscle hypertrophy. I think what i was trying to say was that i am aware of where my body will be at say 8 weeks from now or 12 weeks from now, and thats going to be a stall point, as i was stalled right at the time of the injury, hence why i got injured, changed my routine to break out for the slump. Anyhow I don’t want to argue and thank you kindly for the advise!