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On Boring But Big, Missed the 5x10 Sets for a Workout

It was my OHP workout , I had to leave the gym because I had an urgent call at work. I completed my 3x3 sets though with no problem. Does this impact the training much, should I do the 5x10 for my shoulders with my next workout? (which is deadlift if i remember right)

The second you read this, run to the nearest heavyish/plausible thing and press it over your head for 5 sets of 10. There’s no time to lose.

Just proceed as normal, drop in the bucket as far as the big picture goes. Trying to catch-up and combine can dig holes that’ll screw you over much more than a missed workout can.

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What should I count it as? A missed workout? How much do the 5x10 sets impact on training?

Count it as a code 641b.

You’ll be fine.


Unacceptable. Gimme 10 hail mary’s, 20 hand stand push ups, and 30 double unders, 5x. Yes, Crossfit is your penance.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of "Not Doing Jack Shit."
If you are not familiar with it, buy the book. It’s one of my favorite templates.


Over the span of 20 years of lifting, it won’t even be a blip.

How often would you say you fall back on this? I did it just yesterday myself, but it seems like, if you made a habit out of it, there just wouldn’t be enough volume going on for long term progress. I fully admit my noob-ness here though, so what do I know.

I use it for the exact same reason as I told the OP. If I have a workout with (very) limited time, at least I’ll get the main lift in for the day. That way I stay on track and don’t sweat the small stuff. I don’t use it often but I always have it in my back pocket if needed.