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? on androsol spraying

First I’d like to say that today was the first time I used androsol and I don’t know if it was all just mental but I felt like supperman on this stuff. Now here is my ?, I noticed when I sprayed it some of the mist fell short of the skin and the spray was too big to all hit the skin. But when I sprayed closser I got small spots where a white film showed up. SO what is the optimal spraying distance. I know this seems like a small detail, but I don’t want to by wasting half of this stuff on my bedroom floor. Thanks

I know what you’re talking about. It seems like 25% is being sprayed into the air when spraying my arms. Doesn’t matter though, you are still getting plenty 4-AD. I think 7-8" is the reccommended distance.

I noticed the same thing with the “overspray” (one of the problems that goes along with not having 22" arms). Solution: exceed 70 sprays. I used 80-ish to make up for the overspray. As far as minimizing the waste, hit your torso (if you have a roommate, have her spray your back) and legs first, using the arms (especially the forearms) last.

Bill and Tim have addressed this many times in the past. The way I understand it, it’s okay to have some of the Androsol “go into the air.” That’s factored into the dose so you’re still getting the full amount. No worries.

Thanks guys

6 to 8 inches is correct. It helps to move
the sprayer quickly while spraying. It’s like
trying to spray paint something very lightly
and evenly – same kind of motion.

The impression that overspray is substantial
is an illusion. If you do it standing on a
perfectly clean surface – as I have done –
you’ll find that although you’re applying
500 mg, you see no significant 4-AD that
winds up lost, fallen to the floor.

Even 1/10 of the amount applied would be 50 mg which is an amount that would make quite a little
pile of powder, but you don’t get that. So I
don’t think much is lost at all. Very hard for
the eye to judge how much is in that mist!

Using 80 sprays to “compensate” for loss is
not necessary, because all the testing was
done spraying at 6 to 8 inches and getting
the same kind of overspray that you’re getting:
something that looks to the eye like it might
be significant waste, but isn’t. So your 70
sprays will apply the same amount as our 70
sprays, if you apply them this way.