On Androgel, Want to Add Test - Which Ester & How Much?

Hey all

I take x3 pumps of Androgel / day as prescribed by my doc for low T levels. I want to self administer and inject more test. I also started Var (50mg per day).

Which ester should I got for - Test-e perhaps? How much to inject and how frequently?

I need 6 monthly labs done with my doc, so I would plan to stop injections and var maybe 3 weeks prior to blood tests/labs so that no red flags are raised and that my doc can continue to write an Rx for androgel.

Is this a reasonable plan?

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Interesting. How long do you plan to use the Var? After your “blast” you then plan to defer back to the Androgel for your cruise, until the next blast? What are your T levels on just the Androgel?

Ester is mostly irrelevant. Cyp or Enth