On A Scale Of 1-10: How Impotent Am I?

Serious question: Drunken night; we’ve all been there before… but just want to alleviate some concerns.

Been on TRT for a couple months before switching to blast & cruising.

I’ve done cycles containing oral halodrol, methyltestostorone, trestolone, primo, and epistane on top of injections of testosterone and primo.

I use adex to control E2. And only used Nolva when I had testicular pain (which, I don’t get anymore). Additionally, I don’t use hCG as, well, gains are my goal, not kids (ever). The cosmetic effect of shrunken testicles doesn’t phase me.

Done one blast, one cruise, and finishing up a second blast (both with orals), after finally deciding not to go back to TRT.

I know this is best suited to ask an OBGYN for a sperm count to make sure, which I had the opportunity to a while ago but passed up. Now, it’s a little too late and just seeing if there’s even the slightest possibility with what I’ve done to my body (essentially a “chemical” vasectomy, I hope).

I’ve read that bodybuilders have successfully conceived while on cycles, but from what I’ve read, they all used hCG to do so, which I don’t.

First off impotence has zero to do with infertility. And to answer your question one of my very good friends was on solid gear for over five years with no hcg and his wife got pregnant. Be cautious.

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Welp that wasn’t the answer I wanted.

But, thanks, lol