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On a positive side...

With all the discussion about what constitutes rape and what doesn’t I was thinking…If I had a daughter I would have her here on this site reading it back to back and learning to rejoice in what a real man is- a T-man(and expect one for herself) as well as learning what a T-Vixen is and developing that strength in herself. Hey, a girl should admire her man’s penmanship in the snow and a man has to admire his woman spanking his ass. Until he cries.

Not really sure what I think about this particular post, but I thought I’d bump it back up for comments…

I have a Daughter, and while she is only a few months old, when she gets older I wouldn’t have her read this web site too much. There is a lot of crude folks around these parts. I read it simply because I am a Powerlifting freak, and I love to get and give advice…I usually dont like the off topic stuff…But I do have to say, that with all the rape talk, it got me thinking…If ANYONE looked at my Daughter cross-eyed, I would slit their throat from ear to ear…I think any Father would…

Wow. A topic I am passionate about.

In honor of MLK:

I have a dream! I have a dream that someday people will stop emotionally stunting their daughters and will stop training them to be victims. Someday people will stop raising their daughters to be weak physically and emotionally, to believe in fairy tales and “happily ever afters”. Someday people will realize that a hell of a lot of crap happens in this life and it’s better to prepare the children to deal with it in a productive manner than it is to shelter them from it. Someday adolescents will routinely walk, accompanied, through slums, homeless shanty-towns and ghetto medical clinics and they will learn that this side of life is in store for them if they do not excel at school and obey the laws. Someday adolescents will routinely tour cancer wards and see the results of smoking, and tour prisons seeing the results of lawlessness. Someday adolescents will be encouraged to volunteer at Intensive Care Neonatal units and hold crack-babies. I have a dream that someday people will love their children enough to PREPARE them for life, instead of sheltering them from it.

Every adolescent should know the real-life ramifications of sex - mental, physical and emotional. Lectures and religious dogma do not adequately convey this, only seeing the consequences in all their glory will get the message through the kid’s heads. Don’t blow sunshine up their asses about sex being about love. It ain’t. Perhaps it should be, but it ain’t. Sex is sex is sex and it’s training girls to see it as an equivalent to love that fucks their world up.

Reason 482 why I volunteer with “At Risk” kids. Someone, somewhere has to care enough about them to talk to them without all the bullshit.