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On a Mission to Lose Fat

  Hi guys, I am doing a 5 week program to lose fat.  I will post before and after pictures. I will also write regular accounts of my day ect.

This is the diet plan so far.

I am aiming for:

500calories 38g protein
13g carbs 33g fat

I will eat these 4 times a day.
I will be including workout sessions, but since I am new and do not have access to a gym they will be bodyweight exercises, i.e pullups/crunches/pushups/leg raises
I will do short reps with long rests and lots of sets each day.

If anyone has any help or comments I would be very gratefull,

I would personally be eating 5-8 times a day.

You calories, at 1500, seem quite low. Maybe add a 5th meal, with the same amount of calories. Remember, going too low will mean muscle loss, while staying a few hundred calories below maintenance + exercise will work better.

Try eating something like cottage cheese as your last meal, as this will sustain your body longer throughout the night than other proteins.

Thanks, I recalculated my calorie requirments and they were too low. I have adjusted it accordingly.

What the hell are you guys talking about? Didnt you say you were going to be eating 500 calories 6 times a day? I am wondering how heavy you are how active you are and if you know your bodyfat% because that is quite alot of calories…

He originally had his post saying 1500 calories in 4 meals a day, then he must’ve edited it.

Why he doubled it I dunno, because that’s not what I suggested. I believe he weighs 180lbs, as he said in another thread.

OP, work out your maintenance calories, and drop it by 200 calories every 1-2 weeks until you are losing about 1-2lbs a week, depending on how overweight you are.

Then again, chances are you probably don’t need to lose fat, just build muscle with a slow bulk.

Sorry, I edited wrong.
I’ll be eating around 2000 calories a day (500 less than recommended for my age). If anyone has a caluclator for calorie intake that works of age, height and weight, that would be great.

Here’s an article that might interest you:

Also, for some accurate calorie calculations, try this: