On a Hormonal Roller Coaster, Clinics Near Birmingham, AL

Aight so I’ve got a question. Last yr in October I was hospitalized for Covid pneumonia and almost went on vent. Since I’ve been out it’s wreaked havoc on my hormones and cholesterol. My dr put me on TRT for a month along with adipex but I had to quit due to high hemoglobin. Stopped for a month which my testosterone levels plummeted. I started back on TRT, adipex, and now Hydrochlorothiazide along with l-arginine, potassium, vitamin d, super c complex, milk thistle and rosuvastatin. I just can’t seem to lose any body fat.

I am prescribed 200mg every other week but I convinced my dr that was enough and he told me to do half every wk. However with my t levels in the 100s I knew that wasn’t enough and have been taking 200mg every wk while adding Nolvadex. Is there any TRT clinics around Birmingham AL so I can get off this hormonal roller coaster?

Urology centers of Alabama in homewood. Dr. Eric Westerlund is solid. He’s not very modern by T Nation standards, but he will totally let you do weekly injections and will work with you within reason to get you feeling good. He’s on TRT himself.

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A roller coaster of your own making. How did you know 100 mg/week was not going to be enough based on your TT level in the 100s (ng/dl ?)? Your Doc tried to help you and you ignored the advice.

Try listening to the sound advice of your medical provider.


I’ve got beef with this statement. How did you determine this?

Why did something which was relatively mild for most, land you in the hospital? Age? Weight? Comorbidities?

It’s never enough.

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Likely determined by knowing 200mg/wk was an option.

If the goal is TOT, that’s fine - but worth noting that that is the goal, rather than *just *relieving Low T symptoms.

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This protocol is dumb and is why your hematocrit and hemoglobin shot up high. You need to find a doctor that isn’t completely clueless!

You’re jumping to conclusions without knowing what you’re talking about. I seriously doubt 100 mg weekly only got your levels to 100 ng/dL.

Due to the half-life of cypionate or ethanate, you need to wait at least 4-6 weeks to test your levels after dising changes.

Thats not much better, he went from one bad protocol to a protocol that is too much for most guys.

Ask your doctor about Jatenzo, recommended starting dosages is 237 mg twice daily.

For one I had blood work done after it was changed and it was still in the 100s. Plus I was exhausted just like I was before before I started TRT

Would I not need a referral?

I had Covid for and it developed into Covid Pneumonia. It effects everybody different. I worked out 3-5 times a wk, trained for 26.3 mile hike which I did 5 months before I got sick, and had not asthma related issues. Never got sick and hardly took any medications

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I had blood work done and we went over my bloodwork in office

I determined it by the simple fact I was exhausted before and after going to half I was still exhausted.

No. And if you wanna go private you can also check out revive, no experience with them though.

Unfortunately, all bets are off when you put Covid into the mix. Some need a long time to recover and some still have not fully recovered.

How long have you been taking this dose?

Post the blood work. How long did you give this new protocol before taking blood work and concluding it was inadequate? Why do you think TRT will cure your COVID related exhaustion?

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