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Omron Bodyfat Analyser HBF-352

hi, i was thinking of buying it since they’re having a sale over at a local pharmacy…

it measures bodyfat by bioelectrical impedance… (feet n hand at the same time) n also determines basal metabolic rate…


the question is… can i rely on the bmr stated to adjust my cal needs?
how accurate is it and is worth the money? (costs 200 singapore dollars, roughly US100…)

another question is, when u measure bodyfat(assuming different methods), does it innclude both visceral n subcatenous fat or either one of each?

Thks in advance!
(sale ends on 15 may, so would reali appreciate it if sumone, or anyone, reply to my post)


Find some calipers. I would noy buy this device.

There are calipers out there that are easy to use and cheap, and they are electronic. They sell for about $49 bucks and you simply take 3 skinfolds and it calculates the rest for you. Just search online. The ones I have are called the FatTrack II. They work great and are within 1mm accuracy of Lange calipers which are probably the defacto standard in bodyfat calipers. They are very accurate and easy to use. The bioelectric impedence isn’t very reliable; it takes several things into consideration including your current level of hydration which clearly is going to vary throughout the day.