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Omnivore vs. Vegetarian


Hello all...got a question. My wife is a vegetarian and I am a strict meat and potato eater. She used to eat meat up until about 8 years ago. She even quit eating eggs one day when I slipped up in a conversation and said that eggs were just "aborted chickens!" A couple of years after that comment, she finally started eating eggs again but will not touch "anything with eyeballs". This includes red meat, fish, and chicken. She has her reasons, which I respect, and she does not mind that I eat meat like it is going out of style.

She is constantly asking me where she can get more protein and I constantly tell her the usual...legumes, nuts, soy products, etc...and then I tell her that she can not get the full protein spectrum from these things alone. I immediately get the "talk to the hand" at that point and that is the end of the conversation.
Question is, is there any type of supplement out there that has the full protein spectrum as that found in "things with eyeballs"?


What about milk or milk products? It comes from cows, but they're not realy hurt or killed to get the milk.

If she's okay with that, then I'm pretty sure that Grow! protein powder is derived from milk protein.


protein powder


good sources of veggie protein include:

Eggs (maybe she should eat more of them - but not every single day since she might develop a sensitivity)

Fermented Soy - like tempeh (organic is best).

Beans mixed with whole grains.

Hemp protein powder (it's pretty strong tasting, but an excellent source of digestible protein and omega 3s).

Chlorella - good as a supplement, loads of healthy properties, and a good source of protein, but expensive.

Dairy - if she's concerned about ethics (and her health), organic is best. Cottage cheese, regular cheese, unflavoured yogurt (with live cultures), whey - all excellent for protein.

If she includes a balance of all these things in her diet, she should be doing pretty well.


What, not only kill those poor defenseless proteins but grind them up into powder? You sir are a heartless beast. The ghosts of a million dead proteins cry out for vengeance.


I know many vegetable protein sources are not complete, but if you mix and match the protein sources within a meal, you can get complete protein meals.

If this was in a different forum I'd suggest a different direction you could go with respect to protein sources...


Sorry to be a priss about this but you are wrong. Soy does have all the essential amino acids in it. Therefore she can get a "full protein spectrum" from it alone. Whatever that means.

As for food combos, PB and bread, beans and rice, etc. Its not hard to find. You will find the research indicates that protein "needs" are quite a bit lower than what you most likely expect.

As for needs vs efficacy, thats something that has been debated on this site.


Ha...I knew there would be someone that could not resist...LOL!

Seriously, all of you, thanks for the input. I will share these ideas with her and see what kind of menu's we can hook her up with.


Veggie here...

No need to worry about combinations as long as there is variety, the body will be able to piece it all together. Great list of protein sources above. I thrive on eggs, pp, and tofu. If she wants to gain mass she is going to have to suck it up and deal with some fat gain...its just the way things work. All too often in a veggie diet there is an abundance (overconsumption) of carbohydrates. Assure her that fat is GOOD. More so, learn to create P+F and P+C meals. I swear this has made the biggest difference in my body comp.

Good luck.


I always thought of eggs as a chicken's period, actually!