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Omni-Contraction Training System

Coach, just finished your online course. Do you have any programs online that follow along with the course material? It would be great to see an actual example of all the material taught.

Thank you.

I’m coming out with a new line of programs (well, it will replace all the current programs) which will all use the OTS. They will come out in the next few weeks.

To stay on the subject of OTS, is there a (or what is the) interest to have a day dedicated to each type of contraction?

It’s all explained in the online course I just published on my website.

But basically:

  1. I believe that you need to train all 3 types of actions because they all have their benefits and in the world of sport you need to be efficient in all type of contractions. Furthermore, they also have different recruitment/motor coordination patterns, so you can be strong in one without being equally as strong in the others.

  2. I believe that you need to train all types of actions during every phase of training (as opposed to focusing on one type per phase à la Triphasic training) because since the motor patterns are different from contraction to contraction, if you don’t train one for two phases out of three, you will lose a lot of the adaptations that you worked hard to stimulate.

  3. With athletes I want both to maximize neurological adaptation while at the same time diminishing neurological stress. In both cases, only giving the brain one type of stimulus per session is more effective. The more different motor tasks the brain has to adapt to in a session, the more stressful that session will be. And those more different stimuli your brain/body has to adapt to in one bout, the lesser will the adaptations be for each. With athletes the training methods used are extremely neurologically demanding to start with, so I try to remove any source of neurological stress that I can.

In all fairness in the more pure “bodybuilding programs” I design with the system (for example the upcoming new Type 2B and the upcoming new Muscle Mass Blueprints that will be sold on my site in a few weeks) I do train the 3 types of contraction on the same day, because the neurological demands of an hypertrophy plan is lesser than that of a performance plan (exercise selection, loading schemes and training methods used).

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Coach, the majority of my current clientele are not athletes; rather, gen pop. For their programs, I focus primarily on strength training the majority of the year, with some hypertrophy sprinkled in. I feel it’s the best path toward optimal body composition and health for natural trainees.

What are your thoughts on the following two layouts for a gen pop client looking for strength/body composition goals:

Training four x per week option:

Day One: whole body eccentric
Day Two: upper body hypertrophy
Day Three: off
Day Four: whole body isometric
Day Five: lower body hypertrophy
Day Six: off
Day Seven: off

I left out the whole body concentric day but both hypertrophy days will be concentrically focused in nature.

Training three x per week option:

Exact layout as given in the Omni-Contraction Training System course. However, after the primary three lifts, one hypertrophy oriented superset per day.

Example on eccentric only day
A. lift one - eccentric
B. lift two - eccentric
C. lift three - eccentric
D1. hypertrophy shoulder movement
D2. hypertrophy vertical pull

And so on…

Do these look ok? Do you have any thoughts or suggestions? Thank you.

What I do during “hypertrophy phases” is as follow:

Monday: Whole body eccentric emphasis
Wednesday: Whole body isometric emphasis
Friday: Whole body concentric emphasis
Saturday: Gap workout… hypertrophy work, mostly on isolation exercises, for muscles that might be neglected by the big lifts for the client

Yes, that’s about it

Makes perfect sense; thank you.

If it is a gen pop client, body composition is a priority, and the only physical activity they do is train in the gym 4x per week (they do not have any other neurological demands stemming from physical activity), would you still keep the big three lifts the same on each day, in perpetuity, or could you play around with the lifts and keep the same movement pattern?


Option A:

Keep the same lifts on Eccentric, Isometric, and Concentric days

Squat - low bar
Bench press - flat - barbell
Deadlift - trap bar

I can see the advantage in this approach being that the client will receive the same exposure, week in and week out, and become much stronger and proficient on the lifts, leading to more maximally effective reps, at a much higher percentage, over time.

Option B:

Eccentric Day
Squat - low bar
Bench press - flat - barbell
Deadlift - trap bar

Isometric Day
Squat - barbell - heels elevated
Overhead press - barbell
Romanian deadlift - snatch grip

Concentric Day
Squat - high bar
Incline press - barbell
Deadlift - barbell

I can see the advantage in this approach being that the client would not get as proficient at each movement, which would lead to much muscular damage, over time. Additionally, hitting the muscles from many different angles.

Would one work better than the other for hypertrophy?