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Omni Contraction System Layout for Type 3


My wife is a classic type 3 and I want to lay out an Omni-Contraction program for her per the online course.

She did really well with the Type 3 program from your website (with the Hepburn progression).

I’ve taken both online neurotyping courses and still have the guide from the first one that shows how to layout sessions for each neurotype. Should I just use that but substitute in a Omni-contraction week?

The basic layout seems most geared toward type 3 (single station layout, few exercises); I’m just confused if I should stick with the same exercises for the entirety of 12 weeks and what is the best kind of variation to use from block to block for a type 3?

I’m type 2A and it’s easier because you are as well and always share the best 2A information!

Thank you for any guidance.

PS I was reading an old bodybuilding training template you made for precision nutrition. There’s a picture of you, wearing sunglasses, at the end. My wife says you look like “a sexier version of Vin Diesel who actually has muscles. “ So, whatever! LOL :rofl:

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LOL, I do get that Vin Diesel comment quite a bit. Give me your email (I’ll delete the post afterwards) and I’ll email you something

The Canadian Vin Diesel as per an article back from '08