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Omni-Contraction System for Longevity


Your posts about the Omni-contraction system somehow reminded me of other posts you made a few years ago on training for longevity or healthy aging, which involved an emphasis of eccentric as well as explosive training.

I’ve also listened to some interviews with Dr. Keith Baar in which he also discusses the importance of eccentric training with loads heavy enough to also cause a slightly slower concentric phase.

For us mere mortals who are:

  • nearing or into our 40’s or beyond
  • Trying to build/maintain muscle in the “right” places
  • Training to age “well”
  • Average Joe’s w/ jobs & family demands
  • NOT built for super heavy squats and deadlifts (like the advanced athletes you train and post about on IG)…
  1. Would you agree that the Omni-contraction system could be a good model for longevity based training?

  2. What would you avoid and/or emphasize in this style of training for the type of people described above?

  3. Any other thoughts on training or nutrition for longevity & aesthetics would be valuable (to me and others like me).

Thank you.