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Omni-Contraction Sets in EOD Whole-Body/Lift-Specific Plans?


Dear Coach I saw on one of your client instagram the omni-contraction set (2 reps with isometric pause, 2 with slow eccentric and 2 normal) can You say more about this? (Purpose, how many sets, progresion)
I’m wonder how to combine them to EOD whole-body or lift specific plan? I understand that they are more for asistance exercises.

Actually, I often use this method with the big lifts but mostly as a tool to improve technique.

The slow eccentrics increases activation of the motor cortex which leads to better motor pattern programing. It also forces the body to control the weight at every point in the range of motion.

Finally, it’s a good tool to strengthen tendons.

The isometrics allow you to strengthen key portions of the lift and teach the body to stay rigid in the position trained, which is iportant when facing a sticking point. It also allows you to focus on technique more.

Then you do the regular reps right after the paused reps and slow eccentrics, which makes it more efficient to apply the motor pattern developped with the slow/paused reps.

Basically, this approach prepares the body for heavier lifting by improving technical efficiency, teaching you to stay tight, build up tendons and muscle.

In the EOD plan, it could be used as the main assistance exercise, but using the same lift as the primary movement, but with this omni-contraction technique for 3-4 sets…


Wow looks like really nice way to work around some weeknes.

In case of whole-body workout You are using this method? It is separate day with all exercises using this?

It is not a lot more stressful than a regular set. So you can use it on 3-4 exercises in a whole body session

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So it can lok like this:
Whole body OC Sets

Whole body Double progresion

Whole body hmm Dynamic day? Gap?

Sure, but in that case use different exercises on all 3 workouts.

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Just last question coach.
What should be times for pauses and slow eccentrics?
Can here be used the same progression model as in normal isometric and eccentric methods? So pause/lowering times can change, the amount of pauses can change etc?
For example:
Accumulation phase:
3 sets of 6 reps - 2 reps with 5sec pause during eccentric, 2 reps with 5sec slow eccentric, 2 normal reps

Intensification phase:
3 sets of 6 reps - 2 reps with 3sec pause during eccentric, 2 reps with 3sec slow eccentric, 3 normal reps