Omni-Contraction for Crossfit?

Hi! @Christian_Thibaudeau
I read a lot recently about this system on your blog etc and I started to wonder if this type of workout: 3 times a week whole body with eccentric, isometric and concentric days and one GAP fit somehow to what crossfit athlete needs to improve?
I wonder where to put skill work(muscle up, hspu other bodyweight skills) and metcon into that type of workout? Can You suggest something?

That’s a hard question to answer.

Depending on the athlete it can be appropriate, or not.

On one hand, it can use a minimalist approach of three lifts (for example squat, military press, deadlift or a variation thereof in each workout) which makes the volume manageable to include a small amount of skill work at the beginning and a metcon WOD at the end of the workout.

One can even replace the deadlift by a variation of the olympic lifts on 2 of the 3 workouts.

This would work well if an athlete has a very high level of development either on most technical skills or on most energy systems (or both).

But it can become problematic for an athlete who needs to improve on a lot of skills or do a high volume of metcon work.

I would certainly drop the GAP workout for a Crossfit athlete. I would prefer to use that 4th workout either for skill practice or a more complete metcon session.

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Sounds like a really hard subject :frowning:
I’m rather regular 40 years old guy with full time job and family so probably it will hard for me to recover from this kind of workout because I need rather more focus on skills. To be honest I’m just starting to learn muscle ups and hspu.

But just wonder how you would structure the weekly schedule?
Maybe something like this:
Monday: Concentric day + push/pull sled
Wednesday: 15min skills + Eccentric + short metcon
Friday: Skills + Isometric + carries
Saturday: Skills + longer mtcon?

That looks fine, but the eccentric workout is typically done on monday and the concentric on friday

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Ok thanks for clarification so it should go this way: Eccentric, isometric and concentric in a week?
I know from the past that You trained some crossfit athletes do You have some good resources about skill training? It is really hard to find nice progression for hspu or muscle ups.

Sadly no. The athletes I worked with were either Games level or Regionals level, so they had already mastered all the skills.

When I was trying out my hands at Crossfit, Carl Paoli had lots of good tutorial for bodyweight skills.

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Sondre Berg has progressions for handstand push-ups, explosive muscle-ups and slow muscle-ups (among other calisthenics skills) complete with injury prevention. He’s on the Trybe app and has a 7-day free trial.

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Thanks guys for help I will take a look on that.