How does Omnadren (Jelfa) compare to Sustenon (Nile) or other test mixtures in general. Does it have a good reputaion in terms of quality?

I have read that several people have had trouble with excess pain and swelling at the injection site. Is there are consensus on this?

If it is real it is test, and quite frankly test is test! just stay away from the amps the have the “&” on them!

Like P-22 said, Test is Test. Usually the mixtures are a little more expensive because they are “engineered” to have a blend. Go with a cypionate or an enanthate, and if you don’t mind the more frequent injections, even a proprionate.

All “Sustanons” are the same. Organon patent that name, so whether they are from Nile Co, India (cyctohoh), Mexico, Russia etc, they are ALL identical. Good luck.

Some tests do hurt. Its kind of a dull ache that starts 8 hours or so after your injection. Omnadren does this to me pretty much every time. Find some sterile oil to cut your omnadren, or just mix it with some other gear and you’ll be golden. I wouldn’t recommend straight omnadren or sustanon injections, because it does tend to hurt in a lot of people, sometimes to the point that you dont want to train or move wherever you put the gear in…