Omnadren vs Sustanon 250

I am gathering everything for my next cycle… I made some orders recently… I did a couple small orders rather than one large one, but I received on one of the orders Omnadren instead of Sustanon… from my knowledge the only difference is the longest estered test is slightly shorter in Omnadren(caproate) than Sustanon (decanoate)… I know test is test but does anyone feel this would mess with my cycle at all? Maybe i should use the Omnadren amps last… or save it for a future cycle and just get more sust?


they’re definitely interchangeable and you’ll notice no difference whatsoever. use them last if you like.

Omnadren is now being made with the same esters of sustanon. It is now different only in name and price (omna’s tend to be cheaper). A lot of people do not know this fact as the esters obviously used to be different. so in answer to your question it would not mess with your cycle at all.

What he said. They are now the same and were darn near interchangeable before as well in my opinion.

Cost and availability are typically the determining factors as to which product is used.