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Omnadren 250

I recently scored some Omnadren 250 the amps have a stickered label. On them it says Jelfa expiry date and a little white painted on dot just above where you break the amp . Is it real or what another thing is I’ve read Omnadren can cause gyno . How much should I take without worrying about gyno and my balls getting abused . I have no connection on getting any clomid or novaldex. Is there any other antiestrogen I could get legally from a drug store or GNC or anywhere thanks Cranker.

I am familiar with the Omna’s you are referring, they are real. I am surprised you could obtain these, but are not able to find any nolvadex, clomid or arimidex. I would hold off until you are able to locate one of these items. Remember Brocks rule…

MB whats brock’s rule.

Rule No:1…
No antiestrogen …NO CYCLE!!!