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Omlette Suggestions


hey all , trying to get some ideas on omlettes, bascially I dont know what type of cheese (besides cottage) that is lower in "bad" fats. Also , what type of meats do you guys put in there if any???


I usually put spinach, tomato, avocado, smoked ham, green peppers, onion and low-fat cheese in mine.

You can put in whatever you like!


Natural, whole foods do not have bad fat. Saturated fat is not bad. Use whatever cheese and/or meat you want in your omlette. 20-30% of my calories come from fat. And 1/3 of this is saturated. The rest is unsaturated with plenty of EFAs. The only really bad fat is trans fat.


which kind of lowfat cheese do u use?


I use low fat swiss. Works for me.


Low fat monterey jack is pretty good actually. Some of the really low fat taste like cardboard or are very expensive.
Omlettes for me are usually:
Green or red peppers
green onions
Smoked chicken/ham (can buy in large quantities, or just good ol tuna

I usually just use one or two whole eggs, and then 5 egg whites from carton.

Grated cheese on top, mozzarella or monterey jack....yum!


Don't you pretty much just throw whatever's in the fridge in it?

Cheeses though.... I like lowfat swiss, mozz, cheddar, provolone, cream, feta or bleu. Gee, what cheese doesn't work well?


Oh yeah, I forgot the mushrooms!

I like Sargento's Low-Fat Mexican Mix. It has cheddar, queso and monterey jack, I believe.


I make my omelettes with 'e's.


Leftover lamb with feta and spinach is good. I've had some like Nate's w/ the ham, avacado, etc...Pretty much any leftover grilled meats and veggies work well in an omlet. Try some cuts of grilled beef (steak whenever you have it is awesome) asparagus tips, grilled red onions and cheddar cheese is off the hook. One tip if you like your omlettes extra fluffy, mix the eggs in a blender w/ a little skim milk or water for about 20 seconds before cooking.


This sounds reaaly good, Nate Dogg! Heck, I may make something similar tonight or tomorrow!


Fix me one too!

My ex makes the best omlette's I've ever had. She'd hook me up with a 5-7 egg (all XL, whole egg) omlette and put in all those goodies, and I'd be loving it! :wink:



Spinach, tomatoes, onion, jack cheese and a little bacon.....yummy!

salsa, shrimp, jack.....

grilled chicken, red and green peppers, onions, tomatoes and a blend of cheeses...

damn now i'm hungry...again!


If I stop and think how many f***ng eggs I have eaten in my life, it would be flat out incomprehensible. I love them but I'm starting to run out of ways to eat them. Sometimes I get burned out on omlettes. I throw everything into my omlettes. I've started hard boiling them and eating egg salad sandwiches with a little extra virgin to smooth them out.

Nate...I'm digging that avocado idea, brother.


Besides everything else everyone else said, all great ideas, try Dried/Dehydrated shrimp.


I like spinach, mushrooms, and tomatoes. I also use broccoli alot.

As far as meat, I stick with turkey bacon or turkey sausage and sometimes lean beef.


I love avocado, and if you put it in your omlette, I guarantee you'll love it too!


Here's the best omelet recipe you will ever have:
1 egg
3 egg whites
0.3oz spinach (lay spinach on first)
2.0oz smoked ham (on top spinach)
1.5oz diced green, yellow, orange, and red bell peppers.
1tps canola oil
1tsp olive oil
2 sliced bananas on top omelet (once you close it)
guacamole on top of the bananas
coated with some hot salsa
sprinkled with salt+pepper
I do not add cheese in my because I am lactose intolerant.

I could eat this 24/7, and I do not think I would ever get sick of it.

Question: How do you guys get so many eggs in your omelet? My frying pan is 10 1/4 inches, and if I try to cook more egg, the top layer of egg stays liquidity and never cooks. Do you guys have this problem


Bananas with salsa? I dunno man. I think I'd rather eat the banana seperately. I'll be trying these ninja omelettes tomorrow morning. I'll be back with results :slightly_smiling:


I'm one of those strange people that likes ketchup on my eggs. I usually do ground turkey burger or a really lean ground beef with the "low-carb" ketchup (not cause I care its low-carb especially in the morning, but cause it doesn't have any high fructose corn syrup in it....I hate that stuff!!!) that's out now-a-days spread conservatively on the top.

Sometimes I throw some caramelized onion in it too