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omga fats

When i went to buy a new bottle of flack seed oil yesterday, i could not help but notice a new product on the shelf. It is a combination of omga 3-6-9 in the right propotions. Whats your veiw. Should i swich to this so that i dont have to be so conscious about eating eggs, samon, flack seed oil, ect… to get the omga fats.

Doesn’t it all depend, on what they use to get the ratio;s?

It’s flax seed oil. It’s probably better to consume your omega 3’s from flax oil and fish oils. Omega 9’s are found in olive oil. Also flax has 2 parts omega 3 to 1 part omega 6. It is wise to limit your omega 6’s because most people eat too many omega 6’s already. Too many omega 6’s have negative effects on the body. If you are talking about pills than it is probably better that you get the oils. YOu have to take too many pills to get enough of the right fats. Hope this makes scense.

If this oil is the only fat you eat, then you might benefit from the more varied oil, but most people choose to eat a little peanut butter and nuts for their omega-6s and get some monos from olive oil. So it all depends.

Eat the variety of foods. You get so many nutrients other than just the fats. Quality protein, fiber and just the fact that your eating FOOD should be more than enough reason.
Remember…it is a supplement.