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Please tell me how lazy america is getting…http://www.chasefreedom.com/icecreamdiet.html



Hey pugsy, is that a “tag” I see on your location/quote feature?

deed it is mbe, you like?

please enlighten me what 25 and 32% is mbe.


  1. I simply find it very interesting that you of all people around here would engage in something like that.

  2. I didn’t write that post. Someone else did. That is why their name is seen as the “poster” and mine is not.

right I belive you MBE ;0)

i think he means 25 AND 32% respectively.

What do you mean then Pdog since ive seen you say that before.


Pugs, I am confused, silly man that I am. Which exact item do you not beleive? Certainly I am not the individual who posted the numbers. This has been established. What then, is the cause of this inability to trust?

Yeh, my bad I didn’t know you were reffering to the numbers when i posted it, I wasn’t really sure what you were talking about, then it clicked after readin it again and again what you were reffering to. My bad, We can still have our pajama party tonight as planned right? :wink:

actually no, ive never said that before. i just saw mdogs, post and thought that he must have meant 25 AND 32% because 25-32% doesnt make any sense.

25 & 32%respectively. my bad

Eh I give up on trying to figure it out.

Yes, pajama parties for all! We can braid eachothers hair, make fat-free smo’res, and then play truth-or-dare whereupon, regardless of your particular choice (whether it be truth OR dare) I will run over your head with my new carveboard. It’ll be keen!

MBE: “The most f’ed up show in town. Since 0002.”

What if I dont have hair to braid?


Chest hair?