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OMG I Am So Weak!!!


I used to work out at home with my cheap purchased bench and dumbells with 200 lb of weights. I benched 120lb at home and keep improving everyday. I take supplements from T-Nation. However, I did not feel that I am improving physically.

Due to personal reasons I had to move and live in a new area. So I sold my home gym..etc and I have been busy ever since. I did not have any chance to workout for 4 months, so, I join up a local gym around my new home.

First day in new gym, I put 120lb to bench, OMG, it was too heavy for me, I also find that all the excercises and weight I used to do I can't lift the same weight as I have lifted at my home gym.

I figured, probably because I got off for months, neeed time to readjust. No, its not, I find out that real gym's weights, bar...etc are much more heavier than my old home gym weights and bar. No wonder ppl at this forum always says, workout in a real gym, not some BS gym or home.

I am now benching and lifting at my gym with a pathetic weights and I am so embarrass of myself. Now I finally understand why, it makes a HUGE differences in working out in real gym or not.

I also realized that all these years I have wasted my money and time on my home gym and I was wondering why my body doesn't grow. bahhhhh!!! So, here is my conclusion, if you want to grow go to a real gym, don't waste your money buying any home gym eqip. waste of money.


Where you work out has little bearing on your results. There can be disadvantages wrt available machines or stations, but if you want it you figure it out. Trust me, I've seen plenty of morons in my gym going nowhere. If you think because you've moved to a commercial gym that all is better in the lifting world for you, you'd be mistaken.

My guess is, if you continue to work out at the gym the way you must have been at home you will not see any different results.

Figure out a goal.
Get a plan.
Execute your plan.
Analyze results.
Make new goal.


I don't know what you're talking about,but I have a home gym and It's great.I go to the gym to work my legs and back,but I work my chest,arms,abs,shoulders,and neck at home.It's so much better because I don't have to wait for some fat-ass cow to get off of a machine, and quit talking to her friends, so I can use it.

When I go to the gym I use free-weights and do compound movements anyway.This is no different.I've seen many people gain pounds of muscle working out at home with only dumbbells and a bench.You can really limit yourself and your gains if you just go to the gym to use their machines and aren't using free weights.

You can use free weights at home or the gym.A barbell squat is a barbell squat.It doesn't matter where it is done as long as it is done.


Those numbers are probably fake.

I see people at my gym that bandage their knees, use a belt, are huffing and puffing, load up 200-250 kgs and then bend their knees juuuust a little bit.

If you asked them, they?d say they squat over 500 lbs.

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Why would you be embarassed?

First, don't compare yourself to others. Every big, strong guy was once a small guy. And, for every big, strong guy, there's someone bigger.

That guy you think is a monster is peeking at someone else out of the corner of his eye with jealousy. So, don't worry about them.

Second, what would be embarassing is NOT TRAINING AT ALL! To sit on the couch letting already flabby muscles turn to globby shit while time ticks away.

There is no shame in being bad at something; only in not attempting to get better.

Keep lifting!


i think you have a point

a home gym my not be great for beginners

once you fall in love with lifting, it doesnt matter


You've been out of it for 4 months but you expected to lift the same weights?

Your strength is not your weak point, your intelligence is. jk man.


Hey man, everyone's gotta start somewhere. I haven't been lifting all that long (sub one year) and I've seen great gains. Okay, in Dave Tate's words I've gone from shit to suck but who cares? I've improved.

Btw: my max bench 8 months ago was 35kg (no it's not a typo, I was weaker then the average 12 year old girl) if it makes you feel any better, now it's 75kg. Just train hard and the results will come


I can kinda relate to you.

I'm extremely strapped for money, so I'm hoping that working out to the fullest on my home gym will work.

Is this a mistake?


If you bust your tail and consistantly dso better than YOU did the time before make progress then your doing the right thing no matter what the other guys do or the total amount of weight you are moving its about getting better thats it.

Being consistant and doing BETTER. If your not being consistant and or getting better time to change something.




Seriously. Just bust your ass in the gym and you'll progress. We were all ninnyhammers once.


There you go! That's great stuff harris447.
Reading that was like watching a 3 iron shot sail down the fairway, curve into the green and land next to the pin - warm fuzzy feeling all over. Thanks.


The whole premise of this thread sucks for two reasons:

1) Plenty of people train at home with exceptional results.

2) Who cares how much weight you lifted at home vs the gym?

Look, you made progress at home right? Over time you were consistently adding weight to the bar, or at least adding reps, right?

Who cares what those numbers are. If you are always making progress, what difference does it make?

You took 4 months off, cut yourself some slack. You will regain your strength, just give it some time. Just try to improve on the weights you are using now.


The main thing is to get from these posts are to improve your own goals and not what you think they should just be to look good or stronger.

Remember to have a progressive overload and plan when you workout.

Btw, it doesn't matter if you workout at home or at a gym. You can do a lot exercises with just a bar and weighted plates.


The only thing that I would add to this thread is to be sure to learn proper form and to do more than just bench press. I am very much a beginner at lifting but I know that much. There are several articles about proper form for various exercises on this site. Also, if you can find someone who really knows what they're doing to watch you on a set now and then and give you some pointers, that'd be good.

There are several programs on this site as well -- maybe someone more knowledgable than I can recommend one for beginners.

When you're in the gym, lift like you need to lift; don't not lift out of embarrassment or show-off lift for some chucklehead you imagine is watching you (but is most likely not and who-cares-if-they-are?).

edit: I should have recommended vroom's beginner's thread above -- it has lots of links to check out.


I would love to have a home gym to use. If I had the space and a more permenent place of residense I would definately get one.

good luck with the gains.


Chad Waterbury's Big Boy Basics for the newbie win


Hey man, even if the bars and weights at your home gym were not "regulation," you still should have seen results with increasing strength and size. Even though that the numbers might be off, you still should have been getting stronger.
Like the people above said, work up a plan and train till you faint.


Don't worry about the weights guys are lifting around you. UR there in the gym for your own goals just like they should be for theirs.


Is this an attack on home gyms? The equipment didn't make you weak, you made you weak.