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OMG Cedric McMillan


I will just copy paste what Dante posted along with the 2 pics..

Take whatever you want out of that, lol :slightly_smiling:

"I'd love to give some detail about some things just to prove a point but they cannot be said (well Dusty knows because he uses the same methodology)......lets just say this

As Naughty by nature once said:
"You down with HRT? Yea you know me!"

Dont believe it? Dont freaking care
and we will leave it at that....

and with that said

a shade under 290

Be afraid be very afraid because come prep time when all cylinders are firing....."the freakz come out at nite"


He's one big mofo, and the potential to be one of the top guys is there. Whether he steps up his game in the next 3-5 years or not is anybody's guess. I know he won a pro show earlier this year, but then the BBing media seemed to jump on him because of the lackluster level of competition he beat (obviously not his fault).



Cedric has excellent lines.
What Stu said seems about right.




So is Dante saying that Ced is only using a TRT dose of testosterone?

But the second comment means that he'll use more shit pre contest?

That's amazing, if true. I believe him I guess, why not?


It means people who think results lie in the amounts are way the fuck off.


Comments like that are so misleading though. I mean did he get to his current size using a HRT dose in the off season his entire career or has he done plenty of heavy blasts? Has he been on an HRT dose for a 4 week cruise or the entire off season? I mean lol...it's just stirring the pot

Looking huge though.



Dante is usually very good at making posts like this where he tells a bit to make you really curious haha, ill help you with that tough

THis is a post by Dusty in the same thread

"Ced will be blowing peoples minds next season. I know what he is doing is a whole different approach than what he has done in the past but as long as Ced hangs on to every word and follows the program to the letter...well...you will see"


another pic


Cedric has awesome lines and incredible potential.

A "guy" I know from Strong and Shapely in NJ said something about McMillans supplement habits as well. The guy is heavily involved in bodybuilding mags, promotion, etc and I personally see no reason why he would bullshit about something like this.

He said something along the lines of "Ced McMillan needs to cut the bs and take more shit and he will bust through the ranks like nobodies fucking business", he said this to an NPC competitor after they were discussing flies/chest training and McMillans name came up. He had the same critique about Vic Martinez which whom I have personally seen with him on several occasions.

It's not really breaking news that guys with amazing genetics respond favorably to lower doses but to imply anyone that size is utilizing HRT doses for anything other than low ball maintenance is misleading. I really hope Cedric is not letting Dante advise him on supplement usage. DC is well known in bodybuilding circles for priding him self on using minimal AAS dosages while abusing the living fuck out of hGH.

I predict he will ruin Cedrics line with stupid shit like that like he has done to Dusty. Cedric will come in flat, with a bigger head, bigger wrists, and a lovely protruded gut in his next show because of it. I really, really hope that doesn't happen. Just another case of internet gurus thinking they stumbled along some secret that no one else knows when in reality they are more full of shit than your local gym personal trainer who believes high reps cut you up bra'.




Dorian actually posted his cycle on md and people started saying he was a fuckign liar.. lol

offseason cycle was

750mg test
500mg deca
50mg (dbol or var i cant remember and wont look it up)

prep was something like
around the 1.5g total also but with tren test var gh and something else IIRC

I remember Dante and many other very knowledgeable guys from im and other forums saying this was very possible

Most of the pros are not on such crazy doses like people seem to want to make it, apparently..




He fucked up Dusty's lines? I love Dusty and think he looks better and better, and that his lines are actually improving but uh.. he had sucky lines to start with..

He really did fuck Wojo's and Henry's line didnt he? Lol.


Corrected and QFT. Good post Way. Really good post.


He doesnt take clients anymore... and its been like that for quite some time.. lol


Oho, a troll appears.

We should petition nominal prospect to come back, he was much better at his craft than this one.


So I'm guessing he's going to keep using doses only as high as necessary and start training DC-style? Something like t hat anyway.

Let's see how it goes.

Wasn't he the guy who had trouble with his arms and Dante helped him out or something? Maybe I'm thinking of someone else...


I dunno man. I know ONE guy with absolute pro genetics, he responds very well to AAS, has insane muscle bellies and over all is a fucking monster. He typically uses around 1.5g/week and he is no where near Cedric's size.

In all honesty, this stuff is bullshit...no one gets that size off the doses Dante claims. Cedric is probably in week 2 of his cruise at HRT dose and Dante wants to make a big deal about it lol.

You notice insulin and HGH doses never get posted?