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So I’ve been interested in setting up my own log for awhile, both as a way to keep better track of my efforts at the gym, process what working and what isn’t working, and keep motivation and direction. Perhaps throwing it out on the web is a better way to provide accountability. My jeep is scattered with notebooks, my bureau is piled with workout printouts and methinks I’ve become the dreaded flip-flopper. Diving into various workouts until I lose interest and then looking for something new.

Time to fix that crap. I admittedly have let myself go a little. In the last 2 years I got in a serious relationship, that whole “comfortable” thing, and before I knew it- damn. Clothes were getting too tight in the wrong places. The guns put themselves in their closets and I was inadvertently sucking it in during pictures.

Fuck that. It get’s old quick.

So back to the grind. Hopefully will be getting the lifts back up to acceptable (if there ever is such a thing) pounds, maybe even motivate some others. (ok I don’t really give a damn about anyone else, but it sounds nice)

Beginning stats (I will be analyzing these ultimately on a monthly basis for improvement):

Bench x3 = 245
Dead x3 = 375
Squat x3 = 235 (very embarrassing)

These obviously need improvement and there is a significant need to focus on my weaknesses. I’m a fairly busy professional, with about an hours commuting, 2 hours of studying (thought this shit ended after college?!?) and 9 hours work every day. Generally I’m up at 5:30, at the gym by 6, and done lifting by 7:15-7:30 a.m. due to time constraints 5-6 days per week. It sucks (hard to get the nervous system really firing that early) and being Maine, it’s fucking dark and cold all the damn time (below zero type shit).

Anyway, here goes. Lastly are the measurements:

6’ ft. even (could never squeak out that last inch)
271 lbs
38" waist

My largest weaknesses are my chest (want to get up to or close to 315 on the bench this year) and squat (I fucked up my knee recently so i’ve been a vagina with regards to really working it).

Big Muscles, slim waist, thicker hair, chiseled jaw, and get my dick to stop chaffing my kneecaps :wink: Maybe get a tan too (fucking Maine)

If there any recommendations on how to drop the fat and blast the muscles without wanting to die (I know why DIEting is spelled that way), i’m interested. Typically low/low carb makes me feel like a zombie at the gym, however I seem to store carbs instantly as fat. Working this kink out into a sustainable process I believe will be most important.

Stay Tuned…

1/29/11 am

This morning was a nice chance to get to the gym other than the ass-crack of dawn. Woke up, strolled in around 9. Seemed late but I always seem to perform better a little towards the middle of the day.

Foam rolled my back and hamstrings in preparation for back day. Warmed up with a light jog on the treadmill with an incline for 10 minutes. It’s interesting, I think I get more amped staring at the weights and counting the seconds until I can get out there and move them, than if I just jumped straight in. Plus my competitive side likes to see what other people are putting up and beat them.

Workout was good. Couple days rest allowed me to come in strong, but i’m sure continuing to eat clean/minimal will take it’s toll within a week or so.

Deadlift 135/225/275/325 x3 365/405 x1
Neutral Grip Lat Pulldown 105/120/135/150 10x8x6x6 (I have a very hard time getting my lats to fire so I have started with light weight and seriously focusing on the contraction, pulling my shoulder blades together, and a full strict range of motion
Hammer Strength Lat/Trap Machine 90/140/160/180/180 8x8x4x4x7

Pinwheels 20/20/40/45 20x20x10x10
Rope Pulldowns 80/80/100/100 10 reps per set
Preacher Curls 50/50/65/75/75 8 reps per set
Hammer Curls 40/45/45/50/50 5x5
Shrugs 135/225/315/315 10x10x10x10

Wanted to focus more on triceps (weakness) but ran out of time towards the end. Company coming over, plus the singles on Dead’s seemed to fry my nervous system pretty well. I’m not usually a fan of singles (except on deads) but I wanted to judge my beginning points. I had a small issue with locking out the 405 so perhaps rack pulls may be in order…

Weight 269.

1/31/11 am

Ran late this morning before work. 35 minutes fast walk on steep incline. Legs tonight. Lots of stretching and hopefully the knee will feel good.

1/31/11 pm

The knee felt like crap and so did the legs. Better crap but still crap by about halfway through squats. I guess thats what you get for never training them.

Front Squat 95/95/135/135 x8
Leg Press 225/225/225/225 x10
Calve Raises 225 3x30 (narrow/wide/straight)

Lat Raises 20/30/30 x8
Front Raises (1arm) 20/20/30 x8
Seated DB OH Press 40/50/55/55 x6
DB Rows 80/95/120 x6

Since throwing Shot/Discus/Javelin in HS my right shoulder has always felt and ground like shit. Probably because no one ever told us to stretch or proper form. I’ve been doing some corrective work to try and strengthen this joint to help improve my bench. The worst part is they just suck to sleep with. Always fall asleep and go numb while i’m sleeping. Hopefully that’ll change the more i work them.

2/1/11 am

This morning I was up and gearing up for today/tomorrows snow storm.

10 Minutes elliptical (hauling ass)

Core/ab’s circuit
leg lifts 4x10
incline 1 arm db row (flat back) 4x10 20/25/25/30
pushups 4x10

Ended with farmers walks (always wanted to try them) 100lb db’s for ~60ft x3 I think this will be an excellent way to help get my dead’s over 500lbs as my grip was the first thing to give out. Damn leprechaun hands…