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Omeprazole (Nexium) and Indigo-3G Absorption


About a year ago, I tried Indigo-3G for two months and saw absolutely no benefit from it at all. I increased periworkout carbs (two servings of Mag-10 with added cyclic dextrin) as well as other healthy carb sources (oatmeal, white rice, etc).

I know that not seeing any results from I-3G is the exception, so I was thinking - I have been on 20mg of omeprazole for over a decade now (I have GERD, barrett’s esophagus, and an irregular z-line that all contribute to absolutely excruciating heartburn if I don’t take omeprazole daily) and I know that omeprazole contributes to certain nutrient deficiencies because of absorption issues.

As for my question, do you think the lack of I-3G results could be because it wasn’t absorbed due to taking omeprazole? My other question is: do you think giving I-3G another shot but taking the capsules say ~45 min before I took my morning omeprazole would bypass this absorption problem?



You might also want to try posting your question in the Indigo-3G Users section on the new Biotest forums.


I also have Barrets and been on nexium for at least 5-7 years. Plazma and Mag 10 always work for me since thy don’t require a lot of digestion as well as other easy to digest liquid proteins. What doesn’t work for me is larger heavy solid protein meals or frequent feedings. Solid meals take some time to digest. I keep meals low cal and low fat for this reason.