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Omelette Overnight?


Is it ok to cook omelettes at night and put them in tge fridge for breakfast?





depends on what u mean by "ok"


That's my reason for asking. I want to know if tge protein would degrade. I know it would be ok to eat for taste and hunger


I think you would be ok. Now if you waited three weeks before you ate then that would be a different story. But really omelettes take five minutes to make. Why not make a fresh one?


What, do you never refrigerate cooked meats or something?

The protein has already "degraded" by the time it hits the fridge, FYI.


Yeah if your down with that subway eat fresh kinda shit. Cooking eggs literally takes 3-5 minutes just wake up earlier.


I like cold cheese more than hot cheese. Just tastes better to me.

Thanks for tge info tho everyone


For sure man! Probably safe to eat for up to a week, but best within 2 days.


[quote]SickSex6 wrote:
Is it ok to cook omelettes at night and put them in tge fridge for breakfast? [/quote]

Yeah. Frittatas are fine a bit cold or room temperature.


Don’t eggs taste nasty the next day?


[quote]Airtruth wrote:
Don’t eggs taste nasty the next day?[/quote]

Nope. Make a frittata with some good ingredients.

My favorite here (serves two very hungry people who lift or perhaps “regular” people):
8 eggs
1 diced potato
1 onion
1 pepper
shredded cheese
4 turkey breakfast sausages


Agreed BrickHead - I invested in an oven safe ~7x12 glass dish with plastic cover. Mix up some eggs, carton of egg whites, and a large container of pico de gallo, plus anything I fancy. That’s a breakfast at work all week. Good stuff.


i’d cook it at night, and leave it in the pan till the next morning,than eat it. Whats up with this generation. When I was 20, I’d find a pizza box under the couch, and if it still had a slice, I’d eat it. Collage-- beer, and 2 week old leftovers. 2 cents