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Omegle Troll Thread



Because trolling is fun.

Stranger: hi am looking for an indian (tamil) girl........ am an indian male 18
You: oh sorry, i'm a white female
Stranger: oh k
Stranger: horny
You: yes, very
You: :slightly_smiling:
Stranger: can you prove
You: prove what?
Stranger: yeah
You: are you referring to geometric proofs?
You: the side angle side theorem?
You: ohhh
You: math gets me so wet
Stranger: how big is yours?
You: i'm 200 pounds
You: can you satisfy me?
Stranger: and your boobs
You: 36F
You: the f is for fuck :wink:
Stranger: hmmm
You: cyber with me
Stranger: yeah....
You: i wanna suck on you nan roti
Stranger: send me your nude pic to iamhappyhorny@gmail.com
You: hah you're gonna have to earn it :wink:
You: i want you to make me horny with sex and math first
You: can you satisfy me?
Stranger: yeah
You: alright start
Stranger: then lets role play
Stranger: whats your age
You: 10
You: how big are you?
You: how big is you kalojam mishti?
Stranger: ok then you r ma sister.... amd am your brother
You: oooh i like incest
Stranger: my dick is 7"
You: wtf is wrong with you, you sad cunt. You talk about you dick size to a 10 year old girl? are you fucking serious? are you so fucking pathetic that you come up with an incest fantasy? you're a sad and lonely bitch who will never amount to nothing in life. go suck cow balls you dupshit
You: YOU
You have disconnected.

Apparently, he was unphased when I said I was 10.


That trolling sucked.


lol I'll work on it.


Maybe for you.


That was lame

You should've gone further with the roleplay


I'm not sure who was trolling who, tbh.


Stranger: M 16

Stranger: U?

You: Hi, I have a sebaceous cyst located on the underside of my penis. Any advice on how to proceed with this?

Your conversational partner has disconnected.


Stranger: horny m 18

You: m 17


Your conversational partner has disconnected.


Stranger: Hey
Stranger: Asl
You: 18/f/usa
Stranger: 18 m usa
Stranger: Whats up
You: nuttin
You: boredddd
You: <3
Stranger: Oh yeah I'm masterbateing(:
You: i see
Stranger: Ya
You: i'm in the mood for that too
Stranger: Ya come join me babe(:
You: oh but i'm so tender
You: you'll have to give me some support(:
Stranger: ok I will(:
You: ok
You: let me get these pants off
Stranger: Ok
You: ooooooo yeeeahhh
You: mmm
You: that feels good
You: but it hurts
Stranger: Ya
Stranger: Let me come over there(:
You: ooh
You: my pussy lips
You: your dick spread them so wide
You: faster
Stranger: Ok babe!
You: ohhhhhh yeaaaaaa
Stranger: Ya
Stranger: Want my number babe?(:
You: later
You: but for right now
You: i need to tell you something
You: come here
You: clooser<3
Stranger: Ok babe
You: u ready?
Stranger: Yes!
You: k
You: I'm a dude and I was trolling you this whole time brah.
You: UMAD?
Your conversational partner has disconnected.


^I lol'd


Stranger: You monster...

Stranger: How could you?

You: im sorry i couldnt stop myself ;'(

You: *:cry:

Stranger: I know, but that isn't a good excuse.

Stranger: You had no right to rape me.

Stranger: I'm STILL going through therapy!

Stranger: STILL!

Stranger: When the police find you, they'll lock you up and throw away the key.

You: it was the drugs i swear

You: i didnt know what i was doing


Stranger: I ought to rape YOU!

Stranger: See how YOU like it!

You: part of you liked it i saw it in your eyes

You: yoiu wanted it

You: *you

Stranger: Maybe I did, but in front of my family?

Stranger: No. That's where I draw the line.

Stranger: My dear old gradma had a stroke while she was watching!

Stranger: And you made them watch, if I remember correctly!

Stranger: You held a gun out at them and told them to watch.

Stranger: You sick bastard.

You: HEY! dont talk about granny like that she was happy that her grandkids were bonding

Stranger: She died.

Stranger: And you didn't come to her funeral.

Stranger: All the other grandchildren were there.

Stranger: I even said a speech.

Stranger: But you couldn't be bothered.

You: SHE DIED?!?!? no one told me :frowning:



Stranger: I will never forgive you.

Stranger: NEVER.

Your conversational partner has disconnected.