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Omegas and Blood Clots


My future sister in law has sore joints and I suggest she try fish oil, something like Flameout. She said that her doctor told her that omega 3's and 6's contribute to a greater chance of blood clots. She had one form due to birth control, at least that's what her and her doctor have narrowed it down to. Just wondering if omegas can increase the risk of clots since I myself have not seen or heard anything about this.



Either she misheard the doc or the doc was misinformed. Excessive fish oil would increase bleeding risk, not increase risk of blood clots.



To write more than three letters: They interfere with the synthesis of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thromboxane_A2


So it does reduce the chances of a clot forming?


Fish oil is an historical blood thinner. When I suggested it for my father his doctor cut back on the blood thinner that he was on.